Aviva Woman

Aviva Woman: A Medical Spa in Salt Lake City for Best Botox Treatment

Aviva Woman is a fusion medical spa, providing chemical peels, botox treatments and customized lip plumping services in Salt Lake City.


Millcreek, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2021 -- Aviva Woman is a medical spa located near Salt Lake City, Utah in the quaint town of Millcreek. They offer a customized scale for lip fillers, lip plumping and the best advanced chemical peels in their sanctuary-like clinic. Their team of experts are made up of people who have experienced similar issues to those that they are treating and found great relief, which drives their passion to help patients and also gives them insight on how to treat fellow women. They combine the wisdom of age to renew the vitality of youth so that their patients can enjoy life to its fullest.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Aviva Woman commented, "Our specialties include radio frequency with Thermiva, BioTE therapy for men and women, vitamin therapy, radio frequency with thermismooth, Botox, Lip Filters and Traditional skincare treatments all performed in our beautiful and uplifting environment by experts in their profession. We have a goal to empower Salt Lake City women and couples to take charge of their intimate health and our Millcreek UT Clinic providers are well trained to deal with sensitive topics not often discussed in a traditional health clinic".

Aviva Woman offers every individual a personalized consultation with options that fit with their desired outcome. They have an extensive selection of HA filters to collagen-building injections like Sculptra to deliver the results that their patients want. They also approach Botox and injections with an anti-aging approach that is soft and subtle to enhance an individual's natural beauty. People who are Looking For Botox Treatment In Salt Lake City can contact Aviva Woman with a price that will reflect results and satisfy their desired outcome.

The spokesperson of Aviva Woman further commented, "Our welcoming environment nestled in charming Millcreek Utah, is the perfect space for women to share their intimate health concerns and receive the latest solutions to common feminine health concerns. We have a personal understanding and deep desire to improve the lives of those we meet, which make us Utah's premier place for beauty treatments and cosmetic injections".

More so, at Aviva Woman, they offer one of the best advanced chemical peels in Salt Lake City. Most exfoliating facial treatments are recommended in a series of 3-6 depending on need and condition of skin. Their expert chemical peel esthetician will make a recommendation on what is best suited for a patient. Ingredients used for Chemical Peel in Salt Lake City fall into four main categories which are: enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids which is the preferred peel for skin of color, beta hydroxyl acids which is great for conditions such as acne and excessive oil production and trichloroacetic acids which is a medium depth peel.

About Aviva Woman
Aviva Woman is a fusion medical spa located near Salt Lake City, Utah in the quaint town of Millcreek. They offer a customized scale for lip filters, lip-plumping with options that fit your desired outcome. Hence, people in search of Lip Injections in Salt Lake City can contact Aviva Woman.

Contact Information:

Aviva Woman.
999 E Murray Holladay Rd Suite,
204 Millcreek,
UT 84117
Phone: (801) 500-0919
E-mail: info@avivawoman.com
Web: https://www.avivawoman.com/