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Aviva Woman Is Providing Intimate Care Procedures to Men and Women with Sexual Health Concerns


Millcreek, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2020 -- Aviva Woman was founded by Suzi Sands to be a relaxing environment where women would comfortably visit for personalized healthcare solutions for issues touching on their intimate concerns. The medical spa has not veered off this objective and has successfully created a welcoming space where women in Salt Lake City and beyond have found amazing solutions that made them feel whole again. It is not only women who are attended to at Aviva Woman, as the spa offers special packages to couples and men with sexual health issues.

Talking about the medical grade services provided at the spa, the company's spokesperson commented, "At the mention of medical treatment, many people instantly picture a busy hospital and think of medicines. However, this is not the case for medical spas as the focus is on providing non-invasive procedures that address the special needs at hand. At Aviva Woman, we adhere to the best practices of running a spa and give you top of the line services that are strictly provided by certified and licensed medical professionals."

One of the most unique sessions that one can ever book at Aviva Woman is their bio-identical hormone therapy in Utah. The goal of this therapy is to restore the natural levels of hormones in the body, which then restores optimal function again. Aviva Woman has made it easy for potential candidates to determine if this is the right therapy for them as the spa has an easy to fill hormone balance survey. Once this is completed, clients will be required to undergo blood work for a better understanding of how the body is functioning before being placed under therapy.

Speaking about the efficiency of their private coaching sessions, the company's spokesperson said, "It is only normal for teens and young adults to have lots of questions concerning themselves and life. While these might start out as natural curiosity and an urge to better understand oneself better, they can turn out to be a source of worries. Instead of having to deal with questions alone, we have professional life coaching sessions where there are no barriers to what is discussed. The best part is you will receive answers and guidelines that are vital for the restoration of your happiness and success."

Every woman loves the feel of smooth skin with a youthful complexion that showcases their best to the world each day. To achieve this, there is always a need for extra care to the body, and Aviva Woman is ensuring only the best for their clients by providing them with Sculptra in Utah. These collagen-building injections are offered in a series of three treatments for optimal results that last up to two years.

About Aviva Woman
Aviva Woman specializes in assisting women in addressing their most intimate needs and has been the go-to place for all individuals who want to know the benefits of PRP for erectile dysfunction and hormone replacement therapy.