Avoid DWI Charges in Dallas for Halloween, Dallas Leading DWI Attorney Has Information to Avoid the DWI Charge


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- For over ten years leading Dallas DWI Attorney, James Lee Bright of the Law Offices of James Lee Bright has been defending people against serious criminal DWI allegations in courts throughout Texas.

Bright says "Before saying anything to the police or cooperating with the state, request to speak to an attorney. They have the obligation of giving you the chance to contact a lawyer. Do not answer any questions that you feel will incriminate you.”

Bright also states "Just because you refused to take or failed a breathalyzer test does not mean you are guilty. There are ways to challenge the validity of the initial traffic stop and the procedures used by the police officer during a field sobriety test that will diminish the legal effects of your refusal. Even more important to know is the fact that a breathalyzer test is not foolproof. Many things can go wrong that will affect a test’s accuracy"

Bright explains "There are several important things that must be taken care of in an expedited fashion to preserve your rights. First, in the State of Texas you should always request within 15 days a hearing from the Texas Department of Public Safety to challenge the revocation of your Drivers License. If you refused an Officer’s request for a sample of Breath or Blood after being arrested, your license will be suspended for 6 months starting 40 days from the date of arrest. If you voluntarily submitted to the Officer’s request and your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was over 0.08, your license will only be suspended for 90 days. To keep this from happening it is extremely important to challenge the State’s revocation of your license."

If one is arrested and charged with a DWI, there is a need to act quickly to protect ones freedom and driver’s license.

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