Avoid over 200,000 in Student Loans and Graduate College Debt Free Using Scholarships and Grants


Upper Marlboro, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- As student loan debt spirals out of control, a new video has been released to help parents take control of the process.

Shanice Miller, the foremost authority on college planning and financial advice, has recently released a powerful (and free) tool for parents trying to get their children into college. The video exposes the top secret that parents and students need to know about scholarships and grants in order to provide a higher education for their children in the most cost-effective and successful way.

“As college gets more expensive and harder to afford, most students are graduating with an enormous amount of student loan debt that they have to pay back. Most families have no clue how the process really works or how much of a hardship paying back these students loans will be until it is too late,” says Shanice. “I’ve published this video to help parents learn the truth. Scholarships and grants are given to ‘average’ and ‘below average’ academic achievers too so do not think your child is not smart enough or does not have good enough grades to win scholarships and grants for college.”

The video describes the most important piece of information that you need to know, that most families have no idea about, that will help your child receive the most money in scholarships and grants.

“There is so much mis-information out there, and most high schools don’t do much to help parents understand the process of finding and winning scholarships and grants,” states Shanice.

Parents and students can watch the video for free by going to

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