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Avoid Risky Business: Florida Law Firm Sinclair Law Advocates Motorcycle Safety

Brad Sinclair Florida motorcycle injury lawyer is always concerned with the rights of motorcyclists, and is a strong advocate for motorcycle safety. Sinclair offers safety tips for motorcyclists.


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- According to Florida motorcycle injury lawyer Sinclair Law, safety is one of the most important components of motorcycling, since motorcycling is far more dangerous than riding in a traditional car. While there will always be more risk for motorcyclists, there are several things that smart bikers can do to protect themselves while on the road.

In the spirit of riding fun and safe, Sinclair Law offers the following safety tips for motorcyclists, whether they are riding for the first time or are lifelong bikers:

- Always wear proper motorcycle gear. While it might be tempting to go out and about in shorts and a t-shirt when the weather is warm, wearing no protective gear is going to mean no protection in the case of an accident. Even when it’s hot, bikers should be wearing a helmet and, at minimum, a mesh jacket.
- Have an endorsement. Not only will not having one get bikers in legal trouble, but having an endorsement will ensure the driver has good technique.
- Always drive defensively. It’s important to drive extra defensively if operating a bike. Always make sure that vehicles, especially larger ones, are aware of where the bike is located (and that the biker is not in the driver’s blind spot).
- If riding in a group, keep bikes at least two seconds apart from each other. This will give bikers enough time to react if someone in front of them has to do a sudden maneuver. It’s also wise to ride in a staggered pattern rather than side-by-side.
- If riding with a passenger, know how to compensate. Having someone on the back of the bike will affect handling and braking requirements, so bikers should practice with this extra weight before hitting major roadways.

“The most important thing is safety,” Sinclair says. “Of course, a close second is having a great time on the road.”

If bikers find themselves involved in a motorcycle accident, they should make sure to contact an accident attorney for professional assistance on the next steps to take. For more information, please visit:

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