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Singlesdatingwebsites.com Offers Advice on Avoiding Dating Scammers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2011 -- While thousands of people find lifelong relationships through singles dating websites, prospective daters must still be vigilant and educated on how to avoid dating scammers who can steal their hearts as well as their wallets. That is according to singlesdatingwebsites.com, a premier website for obtaining reviews on the top dating websites.

U.S. and Canadian authorities conclude that many of these scammers originate in Ghana and Nigeria where fraud schemes run rampant; especially in today’s economy. Scammers target lonely people by posting fraudulent profiles and photos on dating sites, and prey on the romantic impulses of their unsuspecting victims.

In order to first build trust, the scammers will often use stolen credit cards to purchase flowers and gifts to send to their victims over several months. Once the victim’s trust is gained, the scammers will ask to send packages to the victim’s house saying that foreign policy issues prevent them from receiving them directly.

Scammers have also been known to send money orders to prospective victims on dating sites claiming they can’t get them cashed in their country. They then ask the person to cash them and wire the money back to them. The money orders received by the victims have been washed and changed from a low dollar amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. “The victim is left holding the bag for the amount of the scam since they cashed the money orders,” said the review Website representative.

Men and women are equal targets of scammers on dating sites as evidenced by a popular scam where a popular adult film star’s photo is used in the female scammer’s profile. Both men and women have lost their life savings to these scams because they were unaware of the warning signs.

According to singlesdatingwebsites.com, online daters can protect themselves in numerous ways. In addition to intuition, Websites like romancescam.com offer compiled lists of known sweetheart scammers while others like Tineye.com allow users to conduct profile image searches to see if they are used elsewhere on the internet.

Ultimately, online daters should use trusted dating websites with extensive admission processes to get a better match and help eliminate scammers. Since no dating website is 100 percent safe from scammers, daters should always do their research and remain vigilant.

Singlesdatingwebsites.com is a good place to start as they provide a simple way to review the top dating Websites by rating, features, price and demographic focus. Many of the most well known and respected sites are listed and users also have access to a growing list of blog posts that tell more about what to do and not to do in the dating world. For more information, please visit http://www.singlesdatingwebsites.com