AvoirUneBellePeau.com Reviews Anti-Aging Cream Revitatone, Offers Exclusive 15% Discount


Paris, Ile-de-France -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Paris, France – AvoirUneBellePeau.com, a website focused on reviewing various popular anti-aging products available in France, has recently reviewed the anti-aging and UV protection cream Revitatone. After performing personal tests and researching the composition of Revitatone, the team behind AvoirUneBellePeau.com has been very impressed with the results and is now even recommending the product to their followers with an exclusive 15% discount offer if ordered via their website.

More of a comprehensive healthy skin promoting product, Revitatone has caused a lot of buzz in Europe due to the immense positive feedbacks from its consumers. Revitatone, which comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, has helped many individuals achieve natural firm skin by boosting collagen levels, clearing environmental skin damage, reducing wrinkles and reversing premature aging.

Many dermatologists often speak of importance of boosting collage levels to attain a healthier looking skin and the manufacturers of Revitatone following the common advice have concentrated their product on doing the same. With the use of the key ingredient Argan oil, one of the most effective natural moisturizers available in the world, Revitatone boosts the collage levels and protects the skin from UV radiation leading to a clearer and much natural appearance.

With the increasing hype behind Revitatone, the team of http://avoirunebellepeau.com/ decided to take matters in their own hands and witness if Revitatone is in fact effective. Three voluntary subjects were chosen for the test that lasted for only 15 days and all subjects were given two products Revitatone and Equivita, an anti-aging night cream which is also gaining immense attention. The 3 women were all of different ages and had very different skin types as both Revitatone and Equivita are claiming that their products are suitable for all skin variations.

After consistent usage of the creams, the 3 test subjects all displayed a significant change in appearance in merely 15 days. All subjects had a more natural clearer skin and the creams were most effective in reducing or even removing wrinkles. The team of AvoirUneBellePeau.com was surprised with the results and has since stated that the combination of Revitatone and Equivita is the best anti-aging solution they have ever seen. Detailed study analysis is now available on the website, where further information regarding the 15% discount on Revitatone is also shared.

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AvoirUneBellePeau.com is one of the leading personal blogs which reviews various popular anti-aging creams available in France. The editors of the blog perform their own personal tests and share their insights to clearly identify the effectiveness of the anti-aging products. Through the online platform, http://avoirunebellepeau.com, the reviews and informative articles on anti-aging products can be viewed. The team behind AvoirUneBellePeau.com recently conducted a research and test on the highly demanded anti-aging cream Revitatone.

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