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'Awaken and Meet Yourself; Join the Revolution', Says Author of Enlightening New Book.

Believing that our protective ego is a key element separating us from the primal power of life, naturalist Steve Greene’s new book offers rational solutions for personal freedom and happiness.


Florence, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- “We are prisoners of a seemingly inescapable tyrant, an invisible and relentless taskmaster that controls our lives from cradle to grave, unless we awaken to subdue our tormentor – and that tormentor is our self,” claims naturalist Steve Greene, author of the enlightening book ‘BIOFORM, Evolution Beyond Self’ (January 2013, iUniverse).

Within the book, Greene teaches that our protective ego is a key element separating us from the primal power of life, leading to harmful behaviors and unnecessary daily suffering. He takes a penetrating look at traditional human life, identifies key aspects affecting us all and offers rational solutions for personal freedom and happiness.

“Through an awakened mindful awareness, I contend that we are able to transcend our former self-centered bonds and enjoy life in ways untouchable by the judgments of the multitude,” says Greene.

Through the presentation of 76 evocative and controversial ThotPods, BIOFORM provides a solid base from which any highly motivated and free-thinking individual can avoid common pitfalls suffered throughout all of humanity for centuries. BIOFORM is a liberating manifesto for independent minds, leading to rational thought and life-friendly action.

Greene mindfully answers questions including what is life, and how are humans a part of it? Is it possible for humans to peacefully coexist? Is fear of death the basis for our ignorance of truth? Is God real, or simply a mass delusional strategy to eternally preserve the self? How do humans learn to accept their corporeal demise?

“My candid and provocative assessments are vital tools for self-evaluation, awareness, and evolution, which ultimately unveil the path to inner freedom, peace, and transcendence of self,” Greene adds.

His three fundamental tenets are: Respect Life, Share Peace, Live Now. Those wanting to find out more are urged to purchase a copy of the book as soon as possible.

‘BIOFORM, Evolution Beyond Self’ may be previewed in-depth at http://bioformevolution.wordpress.com

About Steve Greene
Steve Greene has been involved in his examination of reality and how to thrive in a world of self pity and fear since the onset of his midlife crisis, prior to which he complained, blamed, and judged just like everyone else.

A former law enforcement officer and public educator, Steve is well versed in many baffling aspects of human existence, and now reveals the misguided teachings of life, along with the solutions, to anyone seeking true meaning in an otherwise unfulfilled existence. Steve asks: Why just survive when you can thrive? Author of five books, philosopher, and longevity expert, Steve Greene exercises, follows a vegan diet, and breathes pristine ocean air on the rugged western coast of North America.

His other four books include: Death Valley Book Of Knowledge, Exploring Wild Death Valley, Free On Three, and The Overland Triker.


ISBN: 978-1-4759-6912-2
Category/Genre: Body, Mind, & Spirit: Inspiration & Personal Growth
Length: 332 pages
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