Award-Winning Merchant Reveals Cost-Cutting Secrets for Amazon and eBay Sellers


Levittown, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Jordan Malik, a three-time bestselling author and two-time award winning merchant, today published his latest Amazon Kindle book, "16 Ways Amazon and eBay Sellers can Boost Profits, Slash Costs, and Save Precious Time."

His book helps eBay and Amazon merchants who are inundated with Amazon FBA and eBay seller fees, among other costs, that have gouged deeply into their profits and even held back their online success.

"Sure, Amazon and eBay's fees can be heady, and they're here to stay," says Malik, who holds an MBA from Boston University. "But I've discovered a myriad of methods that can cut other unseen costs and thus drive up profitability for those hardworking online merchants. My book is chock full of strategies and even embedded step-by-step videos."

Malik, a serial entrepreneur, founded and, where thousands of Amazon and eBay merchants have congregated to discuss their selling challenges. "16 Ways...", Malik says, is a direct result of their requests for help.

"If Amazon and eBay merchants are witnessing dwindling profits, they can do a lot of things that can restore their margins, including the profit-boosting tactics and cost-cutting ideas I reveal in my book," Malik concluded.

A guide containing two of those ideas can be downloaded for free at, for a limited time.

The entire “16 Ways...” book can be purchased and downloaded instantly from the Amazon Kindle store at: Alternately, readers can buy and download it at The book costs $15.

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Jordan Malik lives in Long Island, NY. His company Inc., develops and publishes services, software and books dedicated to helping and eBay merchants make more sales and profits.

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