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Award-Winning Edtech Company Launches Personalized STEM Picture Book for Children


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2017 -- Zyrobotics, an edtech company, has launched a new picture book for early readers called The Name Game. The Name Game is an AI-powered educational app for children between ages 3-6. This new book is a part of their STEM Storiez library, a series of picture books with accompanying e-books that focus on teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to early readers.

In The Name Game, children discover animals from all over the world that spell out their name. Parents can create personal reading experiences for their children by customizing The Name Game with their child's name.

CEO Dr. MacCalla said, "It's never too early to get your children interested in STEM concepts since science and math provide the building blocks for many successful career paths, some which have not even been invented yet."

Zyrobotics is on a mission to empower STEM learning for children of all abilities. With their series of STEM Storiez, parents can support early literacy skills of children and integrate STEM concepts in an interactive way.

The Name Game-Features:

- Make STEM a part of everyday learning
- Customize e-book settings for children of all skill levels and abilities
- Accessible e-book for children with different needs
- Engaging visuals and animations
- E-book available on iOS and Android platforms

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About Zyrobotics LLC
Zyrobotics LLC, an award-winning creator of educational technologies for children, was founded in 2013 as an inclusive technology company. We address the diverse needs of children with differing abilities by developing personalized technologies to make a difference in the lives of children between the ages of 3- to 12-years old. Our mission is to enable freedom through technology by developing products that are adaptive to each child's capabilities and focus on promoting the stimulation of social, cognitive, and motor skills development in a child.

Contact: Rachelle Legentus
Phone: 678-952-9976