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Award-Winning Educator's Books Urge Americans to Embrace Their Language and Learn to Speak and Write It with Gusto

Written by Sarah Martin, ‘Let the Phonics Rules Speak’, ‘Tips for Improving the American Accent’ and ‘Everybody Loves Grammar’ are just three of a series of books written to keep Americans learning about their beautiful language. By embracing each book, readers young and old can improve their writing, speaking and wider communication skills.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Veteran educator, Sarah Martin, is steadfast in her belief that people never stop learning. While reading, writing and speaking may first appear to be just basic skills, a new range of books published by Martin proves that they present opportunities for constant refinement.

Each book is masterfully-crafted, well-illustrated and highly accessible to readers from all walks of life. It’s just part of Martin’s commitment to changing the lives of others.

Book synopses:

‘Let the Phonics Rules Speak’ - The purpose of this program is to show how phonics rules can help improve spelling and reading. With these rules at hand, the child will be able to master phonics skills that will bring greater performance in all reading and writing activities.

‘Tips for Improving the American Accent’ - This book helps the reader with the pronunciation of the letter sounds of the English language.

‘Everybody Loves Grammar’ - This book explores the grammar rules of the American English grammar. It covers topics from noun-verb agreement to pronouns and prepositions, it is useful for beginners and advanced learners.

“Each book is highly-detailed and combines images and text with simple diagrams,” explains Martin. “For example, in ‘Tips for Improving the American Accent’ I list each letter, provide a written explanation of how to properly announce it and even a picture of a mouth in the correct position, so readers can understand the shape of the lip and exactly what muscles they should be using.”

Continuing, “I truly believe that my work fills a big gap in the market, especially at a time when illiteracy rates are starting to sky-rocket again. Many of the fixes are very simple. If every household buys a copy of my books, our language will become great again in no time!”

To date, the books have garnered rave reviews. For example, with reference to ‘Let the Phonics Rules Speak’, one reader comments, “I first used this book with my five year old and he wasn't that interested in it, but now that he is in first grade, it is really helpful. He can read the lists of words and think about the sounds in relation to the type of vowel sound. Teachers today do not teach phonics as much as they used to, and I think it is so important for later in life. Those rules really do stick with you and help you sound out new words the rest of your life! Quick, easy, phonics instruction... I like it.”

Another adds, “Sarah Martin has compiled a wonderful book to help children learn. These very practical teachings help children from beginning to end with words, pictures and step-by-step procedure to ensure proper growth in reading. Thank you Sarah for providing these wonderful tools.”

All books are available now:-

‘Let the Phonics Rules Speak’: http://amzn.to/1j6qZAS.
‘Tips for Improving the American Accent’: http://amzn.to/SfRBIL.
‘Everybody Loves Grammar’: http://amzn.to/1kH4mXY.

About Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin is a dedicated and highly -talented professional educator with thirty years of experience in the classroom. Attending Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida, Mrs. Martin earned her Bachelor of Science degree with an eye on teaching elementary education. She continued her studies with the completion of her Master of Art degree in Elementary Education from Seton Hall University. She has attended numerous workshops and seminars with some of the most prestigious reading specialists in the country. These experiences were the motivation to create this innovative and unique approach to learning.

Mrs. Martin was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award by her administrators an d fellow educators in Passaic New Jersey. Her dedication to children and their pursuit of literacy is a model for all.