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Award-Winning 'Mom Blogger' Empowers Fellow Parents to Cash in on Life Through Two Powerful Personal Finance eBooks

While she may be a relatively new author, Ari Adams has been staple reading for over 10,000 moms each month since 2009.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- While she may be a relatively new author, Ari Adams has been staple reading for over 10,000 moms each month since 2009. Her award-winning blog at SaverInTheCity.com has become the go-to resource for money-saving tips and tools for those conscious about their budgeting. With so much information to share, Adams has now compiled her advice and wisdom into two compelling eBooks.

‘Save Money, Savor the Day: A saver’s guide to enjoying life on a budget!’ uncovers many little-known secrets to saving money on the things families love, while ‘Money Makers vs. Time Wasters - A guide to finding creative and efficient ways to earn extra cash and save you time’ guides both stay-at-home-moms and working moms through low-risk and fruitful ways to make extra cash while avoiding the slew of tempting scams.

Each eBook was written to radically change any family’s financial situation; replacing hype and big-bank investment advice with smaller and more manageable savings that are proven to work from experience.


‘Save Money, Savor the Day - A saver’s guide to enjoying life on a budget!’ - Find not-so-common tips and tools to help you save money on the things you love - including free theater tickets, high-end retail, sporting events, and travel! Also get a how-to guide to getting started in mystery shopping and couponing!

‘Money Makers vs. Time Wasters - A guide to finding creative and efficient ways to earn extra cash and save you time’ - Between the horrific scams and just plain empty promises, it has become increasingly hard to decipher between the genuine money making opportunities and the surefire time (and sometimes money) wasters.

In this book, you'll find some great ways to make some extra money in your spare time PLUS some things to stay away from, including

- Pros and cons of many of the most popular “fast cash” opportunities
- How to spot the scams and surefire time wasters
- Creative and efficient ways to earn extra cash and save you time
- The things that you THINK will save you money but end up wasting your time.
- 25 efficient ways to live a frugal and stress free life.
- Plus, a complete list of legitimate resources and websites to get you started

“There are plenty of personal finance books out there, but virtually nothing written by a mom who has struggled and knows the challenges and strains modern parents face,” admits Adams. “I’ve had to build my financial savvy by making dozens of mistakes; my books share what has worked while bluntly exposing both budgeting tips and money-making opportunities that left me burned.”

Continuing, “There’s a real demand for this information, especially with the nation’s current financial state and with more moms deciding to give up work to raise their children. Cut out the risk and read my books – I have done the trial-and-error for you!”

Early reviews for the books have been overwhelmingly positive. Tangula Anderson, who read ‘Save Money, Savor the Day’ comments, “Thank Ari for this information. Having this much info at my finger tip is helpful. I love to save money and this book is of great resources. Will recommend to all the money conscious people I know. My husband is excited to start seriously saving.”

Monica LaSarre was equally as impressed with ‘Money Makers vs. Time Wasters’, adding, “All honesty, the author has laid out a book that won’t snag you into the latest get-rich scheme or waste your time (time is money, after all!); rather, she has done all the work for you in researching a myriad of avenues for bringing extra cash. I will be referring back to this book for months to come, trying out her recommendations and hopefully bringing in some extra money for my family.”

Both books are available now: http://amzn.to/1ohe42i. For more information, visit: http://www.savemoneysavortheday.com and http://moneymakersvstimewasters.com.

Author’s blog: http://www.saverinthecity.com.

About the Author
Ari Adams is an Atlanta-based, award-winning blogger who has become the go-to person for money-saving and money-making tips especially appropriate for moms. Her website, http://www.saverinthecity.com (formerly atldealfinder.net) is a “mommy powered” blog featuring money saving tips, tools, and freebies for everyone to enjoy life on a budget.

Ari is a happily married and very busy working mom of two. She understands the need moms have for easy access to discounts on products and events they actually want without wasting their day looking for them. Ari is not just focused on tips to save money, but also on helping readers find creative and efficient ways to make money too. Her website includes loads of information on everything from mystery shopping, focus groups, and an ongoing job bank through Simply Hired.

Ari has garnered an impressive following since starting her website in 2009. Saverinthecity.com reaches over 20 thousand readers per month through her blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Brands have taken notice and are actively vying for space on her site. She has worked with companies like Kmart, Sears, Publix, Kroger, General Mills, and many more. In 2011, Ari even won the WXIA 11 Alive and Atlanta Moms Like Me Mommy Blog Off!

Ari Adams’ ‘Save Money, Savor the Day’ and ‘Money Makers vs. Time Wasters’ cover everything from enjoying a rich life on a tight budget to a much-needed exposé of the many ‘earn cash fast’ schemes that ultimately leave moms out of pocket. With everything drawn from her own grassroots experience, Adams’ eBooks are poised to become a godsend for parents who have let their budgeting and finances get buried in the sandbox.