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White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2017 -- Self development and motivational author CJ Garner is excited to announce the publish of his latest book titled, 'Mindset: Achieve Complete Success, Freedom, and Happiness with 7 Simple Steps' to the general public.

The right mindset and approach to life and success is very important if one is to make it. Negative thinking and low self esteem or self sabotage is a prime destroyer of a successful future as well as a great potential. Many are confused about the right mindset to have or develop in order to achieve complete success. Well the search is over as entrepreneur and self development expert CJ Garner has come up with the answers to your questions through his mind-blowing book tagged 'Mindset: Achieve Complete Success, Freedom, and Happiness with 7 Simple Steps'.

This great book talks about the growth mindset and fixed mindset as well as how important the mindset can be if we use its full potential very well. It also hits on the steps on how to overcome negative thinking and how to effectively set and achieve ones goals. This book also teaches how one can help others develop themselves while achieving Success at the same time. Self sabotage destroys many dreams and this book points out ways one can overcome that as well as how to enjoy happiness with the right mindset. This book promises to change the way you think forever.

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Written by the one and only CJ Garner, an entrepreneur, online marketer, an outdoor enthusiast and self development coach who fell in love with self improvement, and self development in 2016 and his life has never remained the same again. CJ Garner has learned many great things from different mentors and teachers, and believes in sharing his knowledge through his books and charity. Author of 'Habits: 4 Destroying Laziness, Anxiety, And Depression While Building Confidence, Drive, And Success'. CJ enjoys spending time with his family and his lifelong friends as well as playing sports and the outdoors.

The book will be offered on in the kindle store on 10-27-2017 so endeavor to save the date and get a life changing copy of this book. For more enquiries and information, kindly contact the author on And be sure to pick up your copy to ensure your success.

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