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Award-Winning Performer Targets School Bullying with New School Assembly Program


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- In light of our country’s deepening problem of school bullying, nationally recognized performer and educator David Jack has created a new, interactive and inspiring school assembly which tackles this complex issue and offers solutions for students facing the challenges of school bullying.

The cancer of school bullying has metastasized throughout America’s schools. The recent surfacing of a YouTube video showing the bullying of a school bus driver by students during her daily trip to school has exposed this blight to a mass audience. “When I saw the bullying video on the network news, I was not surprised. I regularly see bullying during my visits to elementary schools and frankly, I’m shocked as well! Kindergarten and first grade students are mirroring older students’ bad habits. My newest school assembly entitled STAND UP, STEP IN, STOP BULLYING tries to introduce young students to the dangers of bullying” says children’s recording artist, David Jack. Besides having national recognition with two White House performances and several appearances on network television, David spends much of his year travelling to different elementary schools developing and performing school assemblies on a variety of subjects.

The development of this new school assembly went through a rigorous process. “I had to find material that would not be difficult for students to digest in a short period” says Jack. “It needed to be presented in an entertaining and memorable manner that would ensure the students would retain the information and be able to use it in the real world.” The STAND UP, STEP IN assembly is based on principles and strategies from several anti-bullying programs including Clemson University’s nationally-recognized Olweus Program. As with all of the school assemblies, this program is highly-participatory, includes multimedia elements and is fun. It must be stressed however; the show does demand certain goals from the students and administration who participate. These goals include the necessity to reduce existing bullying problems among students and the attempt to prevent the development of new bullying problems. To achieve better peer relations at school and perhaps most importantly, to open a new standard of communication between student, parents and faculty/administration.

About David Jack
David Jack in association with is the leading presenter of school assemblies in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York area. Mr. Jack has made educational presentations at several National Head Start Conferences and his national presentations included NAEYC Conferences in Atlanta, Washington, Dallas, Toronto and New Orleans respectively. He has won two Parents’ Choice Awards as well as the Early Childhood News’ Director’s Choice Award giving him the distinction as being one of America’s foremost children’s recording artists.

David Jack