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Award-Winning Videos Help Prevent Rampant Workplace Harassment Epidemic.

Produced by POV Learning Inc. and with separate modules for employees and management, these video-based resources provide vital information on preventing workplace harassment and creating a safer, more productive company. Created in conjunction with experts at Kingston’s Queen’s University, the three videos are one of the few workplace harassment tools based on current scientific research.


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Toronto, Ontario – According to Dr. Jana Raver, Associate Professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, between five and fifteen percent of employees regularly experience some form of harassment at work. Often going beyond the obvious teasing and sexual slurs, thousands of people across North America suffer in silence at the hands of their co-workers and employers.

However, three powerful and potentially life-saving videos created by POV Learning Inc., in conjunction with Dr. Raver, address the growing prevalence of workplace harassment and workplace violence; providing concrete, authoritative solutions to make any organization a safer place to work.

The first, titled ‘Preventing Harassment: How You Can Help Build A Safer Workplace’, helps individual employees see how having a ‘bit of fun’ can quickly become a debilitating situation with serious consequences.

Video synopsis:

How do you define Harassment? What does it look like? Is there a typical perpetrator? Victim? Aren’t there laws preventing harassment? Harassment takes many forms, and no organization is exempt. And even where there are laws preventing it, and policies outlining unacceptable behavior, harassment still occurs. Employees need to understand what constitutes harassment, why it can be difficult to identify, and most importantly, what each person can do to help prevent it. Role plays and interview clips with harassment expert Dr. Jana Raver provides invaluable background and instruction on the many different forms of harassment and everyone’s responsibility for making sure it doesn’t happen. A valuable and inexpensive primer on harassment for all your employees.

“This video highlights exactly what employees can do to prevent harassment in their organization, making it a safer and more productive place to work. I was delighted to be consulted on this project and to hear that it won the 2013 Communicator Award,” says Dr. Raver.

The second video, ‘CALMR … A Manager’s Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment’, speaks directly to management.

Video Synopsis:

Research indicates that between 5 and 15 percent of all employees experience some form of harassment and no workplace is exempt. This 30 minute video for Managers explains the ground-breaking research into Workplace Harassment done by Dr. Jana Raver of Queen’s University and how her CALMR approach can help organizations build employee engagement and a more resilient workplace.

Once again using dramatic vignette role-plays and interviews, managers will learn how to build resiliency while reducing the opportunity for harassing behaviour to take over in an organization.

Brad Thorman of POV Learning Inc. explains his company’s established connection with workplace harassment education.

“We won the 2010 International Business Award, 2010 Communicator Award of Excellence and 2010 Empixx Platinum Award for a video we created called ‘Understanding and Implementing Bill 168: Violence and Harassment in the Workplace’ – produced in response to changing Ontario legislation surrounding violence and harassment in the workplace. It sold so well that we’ve now revamped it into ‘Understanding and Preventing Violence and Harassment in the Workplace’, a video package suitable for all organizations regardless of geography and designed to help employees see how harassment can quickly lead to violence, including domestic violence that extends into the workplace, and what each person can do to prevent that happening. It also provides management with a step-by-step plan for developing policies and programs to guide employee behaviour. It’s a subject we’ve been deeply involved in for many years and we’re delighted to be a leader in developing resources geared towards a safer workplace,” he says.

All three videos can be previewed and purchased at: http://povlearning.contentshelf.com/shop

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