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Awesome Wedding Speeches Launches with Tips and Sound Advice for Creating, Writing and Delivering Maid-of-Honor Speeches


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- An important part of wedding festivities is the maid-of-honor speech. For those who find themselves tongue-tied in front of a crowd, William Karter launched Awesome Wedding Speeches to assist individuals destined to present that all important toast. The site offers tips and examples on writing and delivering a memorable maid-of-honor speech.

“Making a maid-of-honor speech is an honor to be taken very seriously,” said Karter. “You want to convey well wishes for the happy couple, but you don’t want to embarrass them or yourself with inappropriate jokes or uncomfortable memories.”

Awesome Wedding Speeches provides readers with common sense information, tradition and more than a dozen maid-of-honor speech examples for brides who are best friends or family members. The site provides an important resource on speeches, protocol and duties surrounding the honored position of maid-of-honor.

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $20,000 to ensure the bride is the queen of the day. The maid-of-honor speech is rich in history and tradition. The designation maid-of-honor originally referred to a queen’s primary attendant. As such, the maid-of-honor is charged with offering a toast and short speech in the couple’s honor.

Everyone likes a good story and Awesome Wedding Speeches explains how to give a toast that tells a story in five minutes or less about the couple, offer the appropriate sentiment and include humor suitable for the day. Even though the maid-of-honor is the bride’s attendant, it’s essential to speak about the couple, not just the bride.

Many wedding traditions have been handed down from the Romans when it was commonplace for prospective grooms to abduct the woman of their dreams. One of the essential duties for the maid-of-honor was to duplicate the bride’s apparel in an effort to thwart would-be rescues by the bride’s family. While physical combat isn’t part of today’s marriage traditions, giving even a short speech often fills the bride’s attendant with fear.

The key elements to remember are to keep the maid-of-honor speech short, sweet and simple. Awesome Wedding Speeches provides readers with examples to help individuals meet the criteria for an outstanding maid-of-honor speech that keeps guests’ attention. Extensive advice is provided on writing the speech, topics to accentuate and those to avoid.

The traditions of today are much different than those in the early days of nuptials. Most brides still choose a female best friend or sister as the maid-of-honor, but men have also been filling that role with the appellation man-of-honor. The maid-of-honor speech examples on the website are appropriate for any person in the designated position.

About Awesome Wedding Speeches
Awesome Wedding Speeches provides individuals with an essential resource of information for writing and delivering a maid-of-honor speech. The site addresses techniques to help those with animated personalities and those who fear public speaking. Karter offers creative ways to incorporate humor, interesting quotes and unique touches to help anyone present a unique and enduring maid-of-honor speech.

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