AWMA Now Offering Clearance Prices on Martial Arts Weapons


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- AWMA® now has several martial arts weapons on clearance at their website. Now find the G-Force Swirl Extreme Grip Staff for just $84.95, available in 5 lengths and 3 colors (red, blue, and green). The lightest bo staff on the market, the G-Force Swirl was specifically designed by Joey Greenhalgh for tournament use. The staffs are custom cut from custom ultra-light wood, making them half the weight of traditional bo staffs. Unique precision designs on each staff make them great display pieces or collectors’ items. The product generally ships in 1 to 2 business days, but may require additional shipping because of its size.

AWMA® has an extensive selection of MMA equipment on clearance, as well. Top Ten ITF Superfight Gloves are now only $49.95 online. Highly shock absorbent, sweat resistant, and equipped with no-slip gripping, these gloves never become cumbersome or uncomfortable to wear, even during long training sessions. Padding is made from BAYFIL material and covered in high quality leather so gloves last long and get the job done. These gloves are specifically designed for ITF Taekwondo, with an approved logo stamped on the glove. Top Ten is dedicated to providing the safest and most durable equipment for MMA, boxing, and kickboxing.

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