AWMA Now Offering Kid Karate Uniforms by ProForce


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- AWMA® is now offering kid Karate uniforms by ProForce. Uniforms come in all child sizes, from 4-6 (30-40 lbs) through 12-14 (85-100 lbs). Adult sizes range from 1-8. These comfortable, 6-oz. lightweight uniforms are made from high quality, durable material and come with jacket, pants, and white belt for beginners. The pants are held up by a classic drawstring. All outfits are 100% cotton.

When young students move up in belt rankings, be ready to equip them with ProForce Single Wrap Striped White Karate Belts. These 100% cotton, 1-3/4” wide, 8-line stitching belts are perfect for kids and come in yellow, gold, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, camo, and black.

AWMA® continually reinvents its products in order to keep bringing customers the latest in gear technology. AWMA® is proud to sell ProForce products of all kinds.

AWMA® has served the Philadelphia community for decades and is proud to serve the entire country with the finest martial arts gear and products. This nostalgic Yelp reviewer writes about the importance of the martial arts equipment store to longtime Philly residents:

“One of the most underrated cultural landmarks in Philadelphia. The museums and historical sites get all the publicity, but if you were a young man growing up in the city in the 70s, 80s or 90s, you probably visited AWMA at their former location on Arch street in Chinatown more than you did the Art Museum.”

Don’t forget about AWMA®’s custom iron-on patches for martial arts uniforms. Embroider uniforms with team names and logos. Denote “Instructor,” “Student,” or school names, and award advanced students with custom-made high-achiever patches.

Those ordering online in the contiguous US can now receive shipping as low as $9.95 on most items.

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