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Ayurlip Announces Special Rejuvenation Packages


Alappuzha, Kerala -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2011 -- The promise of Ayurlip Ayurveda Resorts is of, an enchanting holiday destination also set up to provide the best of Ayurvedic therapeutic care, oriented towards make your stay an absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. It may be a short or longer slice of time spent at the resort, but either way your rejuvenated senses certainly make it worth every minute. Further, the special cuisine, day trips to nearby hotspots, partaking in the local social activities as well as enjoying the cultural performances will enhance the sensory experience. With the peak tourist season having already begun, booking now will get you a better bargain.

Mr. Hiran Nair, Ayurlip Ayurveda Resorts marketing manager, speaking on the occasion of the launch of special packages stated, “After years of stress, dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles, as incredible a natural machine the body maybe, it too is bound to falter. Ayurlip now offers a holiday break in a resort that is relaxing and calm destination, where there is no need to hurry. Combined with healthy dietary and body circulation rebalance through the ancient science of Kerala Ayurveda, a visit to Ayurlip can completely stimulate all the senses, leaving a visitor feeling fresh and new, again”.

Kerala Ayurveda Resort’s, located among the Kerala backwaters, through a combination of practices ranging from massages to deep cleansing and consumed herbs ensures that toxins are flushed out of the patient’s system. During this process, the body practically gets a reprieve from the daily tasks of warding off all the toxins that either have been consumed or generated due to the lifestyle of that individual. Further, the treatment stimulates the body and smoothly supports the revitalization process, enabling the visitor to return home a new person. Though, there really is no price for good health, active mind and a soul at peace, Ayurlip Ayurveda Resorts packages, are now available at highly competitive prices. Further information can be got at http://ayurlip.com