Herbal Zap

When Pharmaceuticals Fail, All-Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Zap Can Now Come to the Rescue


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- New to the United States market, Herbal Zap, the first all-natural Ayurvedic immune- and respiratory- system boosting instant beverage from Sri Lanka, shows great promise in helping to prevent and relieve respiratory symptoms associated with lessened immunity.

Herbal Zap is a super-concentrated extract of 14 potent Ayurvedic herbs, all sustainably grown and harvested from the pristine hills of Sri Lanka. The recipe, based on an ancient cold and flu remedy used in India and Sri Lanka, was translated into its current form by a panel of Sri Lanka’s most distinguished Ayurvedic physicians. The proprietary Herbal Zap formula is one of the best selling cold and flu preventive/remedy in India and Sri Lanka, selling over 7 million packets monthly.

Preparation is as easy as making tea: just pour a packet of Herbal Zap into a cup of hot water, take a moment to enjoy the soothing aroma, then sip. The taste is delicious and zesty, reminiscent of ginger and pepper.

Herbal Zap’s combination of herbs supports the immune, respiratory, and digestive systems, giving consumers the boost they need to help stay healthy during challenging circumstances and seasons. In a recent clinical trial Herbal Zap was shown to significantly reduce the incidence of six different respiratory symptoms associated with cold and flu (The effect of a herbal formulation on the incidence and severity of upper respiratory symptoms in healthy volunteers: an open-label randomized controlled clinical trial, C Goonaratna & MR Sooniyarachchi, Ceylon Medical Journal, Vol. 57, No.1 March 2012)

As reported recently in the New York Times (“Major Flu Strain Found Resistant to Leading Drug, Puzzling Scientists,” by Donald G. McNeil, 01/09/09 http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/09/health/09flu.html?ref=health) and Scientific American (“Influenza Drug Tamiflu Ineffective Against Aost U.S. Infection,” by Jordan Lite, 01/09/09, http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=influenza-drug-tamiflu-ineffective-2009-01-09), pharmaceutical antiviral drugs like Tamiflu often may not perform as promised. Alternative medical systems like Ayurveda, the multi-thousand-year-old medical system of South Asia, do provide safe and effective natural medicines for supporting the immune system. Even mainstream medical proponents like Dr. Oz, are regularly now featuring and turning to Ayurvedic medicine.

Herbal Zap (www.herbalzap.com) is currently available from online retailers (iherb.com, myfootprintstore.com, and amazon.com) as well as specialty and natural grocers.

About Herbal Zap’s Founder
In 2011, after years of having personal, positive experiences using the Herbal Zap formula while living in India, Genevieve Gilbreath, yoga teacher (ERYT 500) and health educator, founded Herbal Zap LLC in Waialua, Hawaii.

Genevieve, spent five years living in India studying Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, and Ayurveda. While living and travelling in South Asia, Genevieve relied on Ayurveda to keep her healthy in challenging situations. She tested numerous Ayurvedic products and visited many manufacturers. From among hundreds of established Ayurvedic medicines, the Herbal Zap formula stood out as the safest, time-tested and most effective. It was the one she turned to time after time. One thing led to another and Herbal Zap was soon born.

Last year, Genevieve travelled to Sri Lanka to visit the small, locally owned, pesticide- and herbicide-free herb farms and the facility that produces Herbal Zap. At the production facility, she met the company owner, the Ayurvedic physicians, the quality-control scientists, and the working mothers who fill and hand-date each box. “What makes me really believe in the product,” says Genevieve, “are my years of positive personal experience and the sustainable environmental and social circumstances under which Herbal Zap is produced. From the farms all the way to the packaging facility, local workers handle every step conscientiously. It is a privilege to be a part of that team and to bring Herbal Zap to the USA. I know that when people drink Herbal Zap, they support not only their own health but also the hundreds of rural Sri Lankan families who contribute to the sustainable agriculture behind Herbal Zap.”

About Ayurveda
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian natural medical system that uses diet, natural medicines, and lifestyle practices to help the healthy person maintain health, and the diseased person regain health. The Sushruta Samhita, ancient Ayurvedic text, gives this definition of health: “One who is established in unity, who has balanced vital energies (doshas), balanced internal fire (agni), properly formed body tissues (dhatus), proper elimination of waste (malas), well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul and senses are full of bliss.” Ayurveda addresses the issues of consciousness on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

From ancient to modern times, millions of people have trusted and used Ayurvedic medicine. Today, Ayurveda is gaining recognition and validation from Western medicine. According to the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), “About 47% of India’s population still uses Ayurveda to meet their primary health care needs.” Furthermore, the Director of the American School of Ayurvedic Sciences in Bellevue, Washington, Virender Sodhi, M.D., asserts, "Modern research has proven the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbal preparations."

About Herbal Zap LLC
Our mission is to bring you the most effective, time tested, scientifically validated Ayurvedic products from the source. We researched products from all over South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Nepal) to identify safe, pure, tested, effective products. We only source from companies that pay a fair living wage and practice sustainable farming and production processes.

An integral part of our business philosophy is to make sure that every product we bring to market adds a “thick value” to the market, meaning that it brings value to everyone involved in the process of creating, selling and using Herbal Zap products. So, from the farmer that consciously tills the earth, to factory workers packing the boxes, to the end user pouring delicious goodness in their cup, we value everyone and want everyone to experience the benefit of a truly ethical and effective product.

To further the reach of “thick value” Herbal Zap also actively works to raise awareness of organizations fighting for what is good and right in this world. The first organization we are actively supporting is Guria India. Guria is a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women & girls forced into prostitution. Guria addresses the immediate suffering of women and girls forced into prostitution and also focuses on the root causes of prostitution: poverty and inequality. Guria holds yearly festivals that support village artists; they run an educational and self confidence building school for the children of prostitutes and recently; they opened a school on the Varanasi ghats. Their work is inspiring and effective. They have made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of women and children. In recognition of their work, founder Ajeet Singh, was named “Man of the Year 2011” in the largest selling English news magazine in India: “The Week”.

Keep an eye on us, over the coming year we will be introducing new highest quality, authentic, ethically produced Ayurvedic products.