Azores: Perfect Destination for Dolphin Swimming

Perfect Destination For Dolphin Swimming


Fajã de Baixo, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- The Archipelago of the Azores has won a European Distinction for its ongoing efforts to promote sustainable tourism and protect its natural riches. The Terras do Priolo natural reserve for bullfinches, located in the west of São Miguel Island, the largest if the nine islands of the Archipelago, was recently included in the European Charter Areas for Sustainable Tourism by EUROPARC , a European NGO. The endemic bullfinch of the Azores nearly went extinct a few years ago, but it territory was recovered and to this day, environmentalists are working to get the species off the endangered list.

Following this award, the Land of the Priolo will invest in the development of natural tourism in protected areas, contributing thus towards the sustainability of the several local ecosystems on the Island of São Miguel, where half of its territory is located. yAzores.com is cooperating with the institutions involved so that it can promote sustainable tourism in the nine islands of the Azores.

The plan which has been outlined includes various actions which will take place from now and till 2017, including coordination and conservation measures, the promotion of sustainable activities such as hiking in the protected areas, acknowledging the environmental and cultural significance of the Land of the Priolo, promoting the area as a tourism destination and increasing the number of sustainable tourism operators working in the area.

This plan will help coordinate several different institutions and economic agents related to tourism and nature conservation in order to reach a common strategy to promote sustainable tourism.

On yazores.com one will find more information on the islands, the reserves, and also the different ways in which can enjoy touristic activities in the protected areas, making sure at the same time that one does not negatively impact the nature and the ecosystem. Besides trekking, hiking and mountaineering, one can also practice bird watching and observe this wonderful species that was saved from extinction.

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