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Name Prospects and Track Leads on Your Website with B2B Lead Generation Platform WOW Analytics

B2B Lead generation agency, WOW Analytics provides market leading intelligence software that enables a company to track and monitor who visits their website.


Guildford, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Unlike Google Analytics, the web marketing tool shows the name of the company together with a range of other information that equips the Sales Team to make informed choices about a prospect. Leads are scored by importance and the lead generation software shows prospects activity in real time on the company’s website.

“WOW Analytics was developed to fill the gap between Marketing and Sales departments. Companies who use WOW can finally see who has visited their website and rank prospects based on their Lead Score,” said MD Lee Chadwick, “Using IP tracking technology, Marketing Managers can now utilise market intelligence to monitor the return on investment from different marketing channels. This improves the ROI on the bottom line and turns the website into a powerful tool for lead generation.”

Conversion tracking and monitoring has never been easier with the new features built into the WOW Analytics product. Business Development Executives receive an automated email each time a prospect revisits the company’s website and leads are scored based on relevancy and frequency of visit. Each lead can be accessed to show previous activity on the website and each lead can be cross-matched against the LinkedIn database to provide further analytics. With integration into social media and email marketing channels, WOW Analytics ensures that the Sales Manager is fully prepared to develop their pipeline.

“The growth of IP tracking technology such as WOW Analytics has revolutionised the way websites can function,” commented Digital Marketing Analyst, Steve Pailthorpe, “WOW Analytics is a competitive solution to identify and name prospects that visit websites and is hugely important for B2B companies looking to grow. This technology enables Marketing Managers to manage where leads come from whilst equipping Sales teams with valuable market intelligence to convert prospects.”

WOW Analytics is available to purchase directly following a free trial through the company’s website. A free webinar is also provided each Wednesday to demonstrate the power of the WOW Analytics platform

About WOW Analytics
Founded in 2008 by Lee Chadwick and Aaron Yates, WOW Analytics is a b2b lead generation agency. During the last few years, it has been researching, testing and creating web analytics solutions for B2B companies, using the best technology to accomplish the market’s needs.

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