Babble, London's Highly Original Electro/acoustic Group, Signs Exclusive Record Deal With Musik and Film


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2012 -- Babble went global on May 24th with their new album, “Shape of the Flux”. Rob Williams and Karen Langley (guitars and voice respectively) are really excited having signed a record and digital distribution licensing deal with U.S.A. based label Musik and Film – this means worldwide promotion and distribution of Babble’s music.

“It’s been really inspiring to get this interest because we have an extensive catalogue of music and vocal ideas that don’t necessarily fit into the mainstream. Musik and Film makes a point of searching for this kind of artist and so we really hit it off with them” says Karen.

Terry Nails, VP A&R, and formerly of Ozzy Osbourne says of Babbles’ music, “Very rarely do I find music as completely original, rhythmically sophisticated, beautifully played and exactly arranged as the music of Babble. Babble's highly original electro/acoustic style of music defies categorization. I found it very engaging and thoroughly enjoyable - coming from a grumpy music snob such as myself that's saying quite a lot.”

The definition of Babble is,“To utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds “. The sounds that come from the group Babble, once assembled, form a meaningful collaboration of music that moves and soothes the soul. The music of Babble cannot be categorized into any genre. It just is. The basic bones of Babble are Rob Williams (guitars/synthesis) and Karen Langley (lyrics and vocals/vocal arrangements). Rob’s distinctive guitar sound and style folds around Karen’s evocative vocals to produce the powerful and original Babble sound.

Joined by a shared interest in the healing force of music and sound, Babble is a moveable feast that can include a variety of musicians at performances. Both Rob and Karen have worked with many bands/musicians and theatrical groups spanning long careers. “Music is the conversation, the one we can have at the Universal level – everyone can join in”, says Karen. Rob and Karen are often joined by; Paul Smith (Bass/Double Bass), Tony Bird (Drums/percussion), Ed Steelefox (Drums/percussion/wicked dance moves) Eric Hej (drums/percussion/Wildman), Jon Sharp (drums/percussion) and Paul Bryant (Bass guitars).

Musik and Film was solicited by Babble via Audio Rokit and was instantly mesmerized by the melodic rifts which seemed to come from everywhere. Babble is definitely unique to say the least. “Shape of the Flux”, by Babble is available on digital outlets everywhere. To follow this mesmerizing band go to:

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