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Babtoo and the Legend of the Spotted Zebra: Tribes & Tribulation Collide in New Youth Novel - Proving Anyone Can Triumph over Adversity

Written by J.D. Kibler, ‘Babtoo and the Legend of the Spotted Zebra’ shares a vital message of believing in one ’s self and overcoming all of life’s many obstacles. Throwing young readers into a unique tribal setting, a series of thought-provoking life lessons fuse with a narrative that readers won’t be forgetting any time soon.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- While most young readers’ releases impart nothing but a short book-bound thrill, author J.D. Kibler is out on a mission to give his audience not only a gripping story – but bold life lessons, too.

‘Babtoo and the Legend of the Spotted Zebra’, Kibler’s first major release, tackles the important issue of overcoming adversity through an uplifting plot that will send young minds racing.


The story revolves around a young native boy named Babtoo, who as a child suffered a devastating injury. The wound never properly heals and becomes a major disability. This is an issue as he comes of age in the Watinkee Tribe. He stumbles upon a horse and together they overcome obstacles and challenges to save his tribe from certain demise.

He comes to realize the disability has not made him any less of a warrior than even the bravest member of his tribe. Through his honesty, loyalty and courage, the tribe hails him a hero for his great deeds. The Watinkee people also come to realize an important lesson: everybody has strengths, often unseen.

“Today’s youth are changing and the unfortunate solidarity that technology produces means many are having to face adversity somewhat alone. Anyone can overcome life’s obstacles and triumph – but getting that message across is far from easy,” says J.D. Kibler.

Continuing, “That’s why literature is such a great vehicle for championing change. I’ve developed an accessible yet unusual narrative to engross young minds, grab their attention and prove to them that adversity is there to be beaten. At the end of it, each reader will be left examining their own life.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive.

For example, Renee Simonetti comments, “I loved this book. Babtoo shows the reader that he doesn't allow an infirmity to keep him from achieving his dreams. His compassion for an animal who also has a physical handicap is touching. Babtoo and his spotted zebra share an exciting adventure together and, in doing so, teach us an important lesson in how to overcome adversity.”

Alan Scott Jr. adds, “This amazing "Coming-of-Age" story is masterfully written with a dynamic twist. As the story unfolds the author skillfully taps into the emotional psyche of the reader and enables them to feel the pain, anguish, determination and triumph of the main character. I found myself riveted to the book, unable to put it down as I kept turning the next page to see what challenges were thrown at this courageous young man and how he overcame them to save his people.”

‘Babtoo and the Legend of the Spotted Zebra’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1eK1OWi.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://jdkibler.com.

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