Baby Boom Vitality or Nursing Home Generation? the Answer Is in Our Body New Book Explains


Antioch, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- As America ages, could the answer to soaring chronic illnesses and health care costs lie inside our own bodies? Will we have a healthy baby boom generation, or a nursing home generation?

A new book released by offers a path-breaking approach to health and longevity for women—one that studies show can reduce the risk of major modern diseases by up to 50% or more, without pills or diets. The book is free on Amazon Saturday November 10 and Sunday November 12 at

In Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength, wellness writer and yoga expert Howard Allan VanEs, M.A., shares the anti-aging benefits of resistance training and reveals how women of all ages can transform their health and their lives through a series of simple body-weight exercises.

"If there was a fountain of youth, surely this would be it," says VanEs, a long-time strength and wellness expert and author of several health books.

Strength training is nothing new—but VanEs’ book offers a unique, user-friendly focus on upper-body strength exercises for women, a program requiring no special equipment or gym memberships and just 15-20 minutes a day a few times a week. “All you need is your own body and a little time,” says VanEs.

The anti-aging benefits of strength-building are profound: Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength explains how just a few minutes of resistance training each week can help women prevent osteoporosis, lose weight, and reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

More than just another exercise book, Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength delves into the life-sustaining benefits of upper-body strength training, showing how it inspires and motivates women to find their own strength and inner power, build self-confidence, and enjoy vibrant lives.

As VanEs shows through both documentary evidence and years of personal experience as a yoga and strength instructor, resistance training doesn’t just extend longevity—it can transform a woman’s everyday quality of life, improving energy, reducing depression and chronic pain, enhancing digestion, and instilling a deep sense of self-confidence and independence.

The book provides over 48 different functional body-weight exercises with photos, clear instructions and variations for all levels of fitness, and a chapter on nutrition.

VanEs includes inspiring biographies of women who incorporate strength training into their life—profoundly motivating stories relating the value of strength training and how it can dramatically improve a woman’s life.

As mentioned above the book is free on Amazon Saturday November10 and Sunday November 10 at

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