Baby Boomer Media Celebrates Summer with an Ultimate Travel Guide

Baby Boomer Media is celebrating the freedom of summer with the ultimate travel guide for boomers including important information such as how to travel and where to stay.


Midland Park, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Baby Boomer Media is proud to offer cutting edge information boomers want to know more about. Now they are presenting the ultimate travel guide for boomers in their latest blog entry offering the facts about transportation, accommodations and more.

With summer right around the corner, Baby Boomer Media is celebrating the season with a detailed travel guide to help boomers plan an amazing getaway. The resources in the guide can help boomers plan a great trip all year round. Boomers are some of the largest consumers in the travel industry today. A little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to planning an affordable and enjoyable vacation.

Transportation is a major consideration when boomers plan a trip. Baby Boomer Media outlines the various types of transportation along with the pros and cons of each. From planes to RV's, boomers can find out the benefits and pitfalls of various modes of travel. Savvy travelers will be able to decide whether a bus tour or Caribbean cruise is their top choice.

Accommodations are the other decision boomers need to make when they travel. Baby Boomer Media defines hotels, motels and hostels so travelers understand they differences. They also review the basics about everything from campgrounds to all-inclusive resorts as well as how to effectively handle staying with loved ones. A spokesperson for Baby Boomer Media stated, “As we plan our own summer vacations, we decided to create a comprehensive travel guide for boomers that addresses an array of common questions and concerns.”

From summer vacations to winter retreats, Baby Boomer Media is pleased to present the ultimate travel guide for boomers. Travelers are sure to find wealth of useful resources in this brief yet complete blog guide.

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