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Baby Boomer Mom Re-Invents Herself as Writer, Following Son's Incarceration

With her mind frantically wandering following her son’s entrance in the U.S prison system, Max W. Miller knew she had to use it productively. With a powerful imagination and a streak of creativity, Miller turned her efforts to penning compelling Sci-Fi fantasy novel s for teens and adults.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Following her Son’s unexpected incarceration, North Carolina’s Max W. Miller knew she had to do something to get through the pain. Having initially battled with the trauma of the situation, Miller finally made a commitment to channelling her energy positively. The result was a release of her inner passion for writing and the subsequent release of four books.

Her first release, ‘Blood Melt: Seth Cometh’, set the bar extremely high for a debut book. This was quickly followed by ‘The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens’, which was highly recommended by readers and won ‘Book of the Day’ on a highly trafficked website.

Having undergone the stark transition from grieving Mother to Sci-Fi Fantasy author, Miller found solace at her time of need.

“I literally saw every step of where the road my Son had chosen would eventually take him, but was unable to stop him. After he was gone, I discovered that I was drawn to writing for teens and young adults so I let that consume my life instead,” Miller explains.

Continuing, “From the moment of conception, a mother has a physical and mental connection with her child. This bond between them breaks the barrier of the mundane and crosses over into an inexplicable everlasting tie. When something happens that is life altering, such as the incarceration of a child, I believe a mother must reinvent herself in order to survive. She must fight to retain some form of positive balance in her life.”

Miller’s fiction is garnering a growing and dedicated audience. She plans to frequently connect with readers (starting February 2013) through her YouTube channel and Blog Talk radio. Max wants to both keep in touch with her fans and gather feedback to further her creative work. The outlets also provide a platform from which the author discusses her works, the power of the supernatural and the importance of fighting for your child, no matter what.

“I will never give up on my Son, ever. I can’t do anything about his situation, so I remain committed to being productive until we can be together again full-time. I love writing books and watching readers’ embrace each character as they grow. Inside my head, Seth and Avani, Sadie Mae and Norris are all real,” she concludes.

Official Synopsis:

Blood Melt

This work of fiction starts out in Winston-Salem, NC with the bulk of the story taking place in Savannah, Georgia. Sixteen year old Avani Darrisaw is unwillingly launched on a perilous journey. She finds out she has descendants from another universe. A Star Warrior from that world needs her to save him. But, in order to save the alien Star Warrior, Avani must take part in a ceremony called the Blood Melt. Danger greets her at every turn. Intrigue and forks in the road are constantly biting at her heel—the Karokins, Samantha the cat, and the Walfarian assassin are some of the characters to love … and others to hate.

Available in ebook format at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and KOBO
EBook ISBN- 13 978-0-9855955-1-7
Paperback copies can be ordered at Amazon.com ISBN-13 978-0-9855955-0-0

About the Author: Max W. Miller
Max W. Miller is honored that you are taking the time to get to know her. She was born in Savannah, Georgia, but has lived in North Carolina for most of her adult life. Max comes from a large family of six brothers and two sisters. She is married with children.

Max is a writer of science fiction and fantasy for teens and young adults. She uses popular fantasy and science fiction topics such as aliens, ghosts, and witches, and expresses them in a way that is highly entertaining, thought provoking, and written in a language that doesn’t burn her reader’s ears with obscenity.

The author’s progress can be followed on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@maxwmiller
Information may also be obtained via Miller’s official website: www.scififantasyfiction.com