Baby Boomers Are Looking for More Purposeful Work That Can Leverage Career Skills

83% of baby boomers intend to keep working after retirement while 89% who have returned to work say they have done so to stay active, not because of financial need


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Two generations of wisdom are threatened to be lost. With age comes knowledge and wisdom, and with millions of aging baby boomers and their greatest generation parents, the world could be the beneficiary of an immense library of valuable personal history. However, the vast majority of this human experience will perish without a collective movement to save it.

Fortunately, baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day and most are looking for ways to make a difference by leveraging career skills they have acquired over many years. For many, rescuing the legacies of their peers is exactly the kind of work they are seeking.

Tom Cormier, a serial entrepreneur, has found a way to solve two major issues in one fell swoop. “Thousands of aging boomers and their parents are passing away each day, taking with them arguably the greatest body of wisdom and life lessons ever recorded,” says Cormier. “Who better to rescue the legacies of their peers than boomers looking for purposeful work?”

In 2008, Cormier co-founded the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK) as a means to train and mobilize a legion of Certified Legacy Advisors to save the living history of the 20th century.

After completing an online certification course, Advisors are provided with established pathways to income and opportunities for their new legacy consulting business.

For many boomers, it is the first time in business for themselves and starting a legacy consulting business is seen as another life achievement.

Pat white, a retired court reporter from Columbus, Ohio, found that listening and recording life stories was the perfect way to apply her life long skills in her own business. “I didn’t know the first thing about business, but I-ASK gave me every imaginable tool and advantage and it is one of the most exciting phases of my life,” she says. “I am now working with families whose loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and have begun working with my fellow retirees in my church.”

"As a Professional Organizer, legacy services are a perfect add-on service", says Sandy Jones, owner of Dallas-based, 'Organized by Sandy'. "As I help people cull through their closets full of photos I can now help them do something more meaningful with the ones that matter."

"Adding legacy services to our menu, we can now record the special moments of our reunions and also help them use the recordings as the first step to building their own personal legacies," says Kandy Davidson, owner of Atlanta-based, '1st Class Reunions.'

"Time is slipping away and thousands of communities will not be served until we recruit and train new Advisors," says Cormier. "With millions of baby boomers looking for purposeful work to support their retirement, there is no excuse to lose this valuable personal history."

It is important that we save the knowledge that was gained in the 20th Century, recording past achievements, life lessons and values that future generations can learn from.

The International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK) is a career training and support organization founded in 2008. Members come from 48 U.S. states and 5 countries.

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