Baby Food Canada 2017 Global Market Challenge, Driver, Trends & Forecast to 2021

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2017 -- The Canadian baby food market has increased by 12.9% in terms of value and fell by 4.2% in terms of volume between 2010 and 2016. Although the number of babies born has gradually increased, demand for milks has been held back by a rise in the proportion of mothers' breastfeeding and the duration of breastfeeding. Per capita consumption of all products, with the exception of cereals & snacks, fell over the review period. Milks accounted for 63.5% of the baby food market value in 2016, and wet meals for a further 24.5%. By 2022, the market is forecast to achieve increase of 34% compared with 2016 in terms of value, helped by a gradually increasing number of births and a relatively good economy.

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What else does this report offer?
- Consumption data based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing work and our in-house expertise to offer extensive data about the trends and dynamics affecting the industry.
- Detailed profile of the companies operating and new companies considering entry in the industry along with their key focus product sectors.
- Market profile of the various product sectors with the key features & developments, segmentation, per capita trends and the various manufacturers & brands.
- Overview of baby food retailing with a mention of the major retailers in the country along with the distribution channel.
- Future projections considering various trends which are likely to affect the industry.

- The market for baby food stood at tons in 2016, representing a 4.2% decrease over 2010 adversely affected by the rise in the proportion of mothers breastfeeding and the duration of breastfeeding.
- Baby milks account for 63.5% of value sales of baby food, well ahead of wet meals (24.5%) and cereals & finger foods (11.3%).
- At present, Canada does not produce infant formula, but several companies have plans to begin local manufacturing.
- A high proportion of volume (90%) and value (96%) consisted of cereals and milks, imported predominantly from the US in 2016.
- Grocers have increased their share of baby food sales in recent years, while the proportion sold via drugstores and pharmacies has declined sharply.
- Estimates that the market will begin to expand again, and will increase by 5.3% in volume between 2016 and 2022.

Reasons to buy
- Evaluate important changes in consumer behavior and identify profitable markets and areas for product innovation.
- Analyse current and forecast behavior trends in each category to identify the best opportunities to exploit.
- Detailed understanding of consumption by individual product categories in order to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market.
- Investigates which categories are performing the best and how this is changing market dynamics.

Table of Content: Key Points
Executive Summary
Background to the Market
Birth: Live Birth Rates
Live Births by Region
The Consumer
Socio-demographic Trends
Working Women
Breastfeeding Trends
Market Overview
Key Features and Developments
Market Overview
Manufacturers Shares
The Future
Sector Analysis
Baby Milks
Baby Cereals
Baby Wet Meals
Baby Drinks
Production and trade
Company profiles
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company
Abbott Nutrition
Nestlé Canada Inc.
Heinz Canada
Other Manufacturers
Retail Structure
Baby Food Retailing
Economic background
Economic Background
Key Macro-economic Forecasts
Prospects and forecasts
Birth & Population Projections
Forecast Overview
Future Trends
Additional Data Tables

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