Baby Funeral Programs for Infant and Toddler Baby Death Available Now


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- has created the official Baby Funeral Program, one for a boy and one for a girl. They understand that a baby funeral is a very difficult topic and believe that having the right products available for a family in need will help assist in the healing process. The programs are designs for sudden baby deaths, stillborn baby funeral, and premature baby deaths.

Funeral for a Baby Girl

The baby girl funeral program is a professionally designed funeral program template that can be utilized for the death of a baby girl. They believe that this funeral publication is the ideal solution for bereaved families that has had a baby child that passed away. This type of solution is designed to be very easy to edit and customize for distributing at the funeral services.

The program is designed using soft pink and muted rose colors as the color palette. The main focal point of the program is the little pink walker shoes that most babies walk in for the first time. There is a pink frame transparent Picture Pocket on the front covers where you can add a photo of your love one. The back cover has a soft pink ribbon overlay with a lace design element underlay that keeps the overall design concept of the program subtle. Add your standard information to customize the baby funeral program by adding your, official obituary, order of service and tribute funeral poem on the back cover.

Funeral for a Baby Boy

The baby boy funeral program is also professionally designed funeral program template that can be utilized for the death of a baby by. This funeral publication is great way to share the memories of the baby child that has passed away. By creating and editing the funeral program they believe that this helps healing process of the loss of a baby.

The baby boy funeral program was created using soft powder blue as the color palette along with dark blue as the program font colors. The design captures blue little walking shoes as the center design element. It is adorned with a blue ribbon and designer font letters that say Baby Boy. On the front cover there is a Picture Pocket which is transparent opening that allow you to place your photo behind the supplied artwork. There are four picture pocket on the inside cover that allow you to share the precious memories of the baby. The back cover has a special note design element where you can add a poem or writing as a tribute. A cute baby pin is placed as an attachment that makes the special note paper look like it’s pinned to the paper.

The Baby Funeral Program templates will give you the exact help you need in completing this task. It is extremely flexible in design and very easy to edit and customize. The program is completely finished and all that is need is your personalized information type right into the template. Print your finished product after proof reading to any desktop printer or have the program printed at an office supply store. Overall this solution saves you time, money and can be done on your own schedule.

The death of a baby is a tragic event that may not be totally understood as it is believed a newborn baby, infant or toddler should live. Sometimes our heavenly creator has different plans in mind which the human mind cannot fully understand. God can give us the strength to accept those things that we cannot change, help us heal and recover from the pain that resides in your heart. All children are or colors, race and creed are God’s Little Angels.

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