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Philadephia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- The real benefit of baby audio and/or video monitor is something that has been subjected to much debate. "What most parents do not understand is the way baby monitor works is like an insurance. It seems useless to be paying so much for a policy and the real usefulness can only be enjoyed when something awful happened and the policy is activated," says Gloria. Instead of cursing the little use their baby monitors have, parents who have not been alerted by their baby monitor device should be thankful as it means their baby nursing had been a smooth sailing. Certain baby monitors are able to detect any slight abdominal movement in a baby and raise an alert when abnormal pattern is detected. Such device has turned out to be a life saving device to some parents. Learn more about the basics of baby monitor and how one can identify the one that is right for ones need at LovingMomsDiary.Com.

There are few things in life where the probability of occurence might be low but the consequences can be very severe when those things happen. Life threatening accidents or unexpected illness are just some examples. That is what insurance has been designed for. The cash payout that is made when someone is diagnosed with a critical illness for example, is meant as an empowerment to seek further medical treatment.

Still, not everyone loves how insurance works and this is especially true among those whose life has been smooth sailing and they yet to meet with anyone close that has their insurance to thank for. The same can be said of baby monitor. One main reason behind the innovation of baby monitoring devices is to free up parents from having to constantly stay at the side of their fragile newborn. With baby monitor properly installed, parents can now attend to their chores and the long list of tasks such as ensuring meal preparation is done on timely manner.

There are different types of baby monitor. While most devices simply provide people with video monitoring capability, others are equipped with certain abnormal detection capability. Abdominal movement detection is just one such example. "These devices have been specifically designed to pick up the slightest movement in a baby's abdominal part and raise an alert when something abnormal has been detected," says Gloria.

While the state of medical knowledge is quite advanced, there are still certain symptoms associated with newborn that cannot be explained. "There are just too many instances when things can take a turn for the worst but early and swift action from parents can indeed save lives," added Gloria. There has been quite a number of parents who reportedly managed to resuscitate their pale and unresponsive babies early enough, something that can only be possible with the help of such baby monitoring device.

As one can see, baby monitor is not designed to be the hero that can save a newborn. In fact, they are designed to provide assistance to parents in monitoring a baby's condition and prompt necessary actions to be taken early enough. Understand that just like insurance where people should not curse the insurance company when nothing bad happens to them, any parent should not deem baby monitor as a useless device just because nothing bad happened during the critical early stage of nursing.

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