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Baby Sleep Expert Nicole Johnson Offers 17 Brilliant Ways to Have a Valentine's Date Even when Baby Won't Sleep


Westerville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Before children ever come into the picture, Valentine’s Day is often about a night on the town with champagne and roses. However, the reality for many new parents it that making time for romance is not an option—even on Valentine’s Day. Nicole Johnson, Founder of The Baby Sleep Site®, knows all too well the hurdles parents face when trying to keep the flame alive. She offers these tips to make parents’ Valentine’s dreams come true, whether baby sleeps through the night or not.

1.) Have a morning date: enjoy a nice breakfast or brunch during your baby’s first nap of the day. Consider having it in bed (wink, wink).
2.) Enjoy a picnic in the living room (without the ants).
3.) Play cards and chit chat on the deck or patio (for couples in warmer climates!).
4.) Do some (quiet) dancing in the living room: Depending on how large your house is, play some music low and show him or her your best dance moves. Be silly or romantic, but have fun! If your house is too small, sing or hum quietly.
5.) Sit by the fire if you have a fireplace: roast marshmallows, drink some wine or sparkling water, and remember all the dates you had before you had your baby.
6.) Make sushi together.
7.) Play board games: loser has to get up in the morning with the baby!
8.) Do a jigsaw puzzle and chit chat—but no baby talk is the challenge!
9.) Find a new recipe and cook together.
10.) Do an in-home wine tasting.
11.) Play a food-tasting game: one of you gets blindfolded and the other give the partner foods to guess what they are.
12.) Have a theme night: dinner, dessert, movie all in one theme, such as ‘Italian’ (pasta, gelato and a foreign flick).
13.) Get artsy: draw or paint a picture of your partner as they model (with or without clothing)
14.) Play dress up and fashion show—strut your stuff wearing your old prom dress, football jersey or the funniest clothes in your closet.
15.) Work out together and then shower…together!
16.) Make it a massage night! Take turns!
17.) Wine, candles, bubble bath…enough said.

Whatever date night activity you choose, the main thing is to have fun, and to enjoy being together. Of course, once your romantic at-home Valentine’s Day is over, you may want to think about working on your baby’s sleep! “Having a sleepless baby at home is so challenging,” says Ms. Johnson. “That’s why, at The Baby Sleep Site, we offer solutions that fit your unique lifestyle. Whether you use The Baby Sleep Site® as a resource to solve your baby’s sleep problems, or whether you just want to join our network of parents and find strong moral support, The Baby Sleep Site® is here to help.”

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