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Baby Sleeping Bags That are Comfy and Cosy Are Available from Lullaby Lane Australia


NSW, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- As most parents know, finding ways to help their babies sleep through the night is incredibly important.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the baby is cosy and properly covered. Babies are notorious for wriggling and moving around in their sleep, kicking off blankets and waking up cold; or even worse, getting stuck under the covers and possibly suffocating.

As research has shown, using a product called a baby sleeping bag is an extremely effective way to get young babies and toddlers to sleep. The baby sleeping bags, which are fitted to the child’s length, allow the baby to move around and stretch during the night while staying covered and warm.

A new company is already getting a lot of attention for its line of baby sleeping bags that can help both babies and their tired parents get a good night’s sleep.

Lullaby Lane Australia is owned and operated by a full time mum who discovered the baby sleeping bags completely by accident. She was so impressed by the way they worked that she started telling her friends and family members about them. Their feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, she decided to open her own company in order to help other babies and their parents sleep soundly.

Lullaby Lane features Slumbersac baby sleeping bags, a line that is exceptionally high-quality and available in a wide variety of colours and designs. The Slumbersac sleeping bags, which are currently one of the most popular brands in the UK, are of similar quality to the popular Grobag line, but at half the price.

“Much like pyjamas a baby sleeping bag helps babies to develop a healthy sleep routine,” an article on Lullaby Lane’s website noted, adding that placing a baby in the bag gives him or her the cue that it is time for bed, which is very effective in establishing a routine.

“The bag also provides familiarity, which makes it easier when you are out and about; your baby has the association with the bag that it is bedtime.”

Customers are welcome to visit the Lullaby Lane website at anytime to browse through the selection of Slumbersac baby sleeping bags. Clicking on the “shop” tab will bring up the available choices, colours and designs. The Slumbersacs are available in three sizes to fit babies from birth up to about 3 years of age, and they also come in two tog ratings; a 2.5 tog for standard use throughout the year in most climates and a 1 tog for warm rooms and the summertime.

About Lullaby Lane
Lullaby Lane aims to offer a range of safe and comfortable baby sleeping bags for your little bundle of joy! Our products are of the highest standard, available to you at an affordable price. Baby sleeping bags offer an alternative to traditional sheets, blankets and covers. Your baby stays at a constant comfortable temperature throughout the night and you and your baby can enjoy a longer, more peaceful night’s sleep. For more information, please visit http://www.lullabylane.com.au