Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Now Offering Boat Insurance in Bucks County


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency is now offering boat insurance in Bucks County. Residents of PA can cover any aquatic vehicle including jet skis and yachts. Insurance covers boats when in use and when docked. Boaters can call the firm today to find out which of their items are eligible for coverage of emergency services, protective repairs, recovery, and manufacturer-installed equipment. The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency also offers Physical Damage and Liability Coverage.

Boat owners new and old will benefit from Physical Damage and Liability Coverage. With Physical Damage, parts such as motors, trailers, and even fishing equipment are protected when storms or other natural disasters strike. Liability coverage is a desirable policy in case of accidents involving other boats. Experienced consultants will work one on one with clients to help them choose the ideal policy and deductible.

The best time to obtain boating insurance is before any problems occur. This may go without saying, but too many boat owners put off insurance, thinking nothing will go wrong. Boats are subject to all sorts of potential dangers, and even the most experienced boaters find themselves in deep water now and then. With coverage from the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency, clients can feel confident in their financial well-being when boating mishaps arise.

While boat owners and all clients should always ensure their equipment is protected, they must also remember to take care of themselves and their families. With specially designed “budget-friendly” policies, the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency makes life insurance accessible to clients from any age group seeking long term protection.

For more information on boat insurance and life insurance in Bucks County visit the Bachmann Zeitlin Insurance Agency online or call 267-288-5193.

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