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Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency Now Offering Premium Replacement Coverage to Philadelphia Residents


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- For many residents of Philadelphia, renters insurance may seem like an expense that is a waste of money. However, those that have it will be the first to say it is well worth the money and sense of security. Whether disaster or theft strikes, the insurance will cover the cost of most personal property. Increasing the list of items protected, Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency is now offering Premium Replacement Coverage to Philadelphia residents.

While most renters insurance in Philadelphia will cover the majority of belongings, the items with higher price tags, and often high personal value, are not covered. With the Premium Replacement Coverage, clients’ high-end valuables, such as wedding rings and jewelry, are fully insured in the event of theft or damage.

Many believe that basic renter’s insurance plan is enough to cover their possessions in the event of burglary. However, when a house or apartment is broken into, it is unlikely the thieves will go for the items covered on basic plans like small electronics and silverware. They are likely to target the items that most coverage options do not cover, such as designer watches or custom jewelry, because of their higher resale value.

When fire damages a residence, it is more than just the burnt items that are lost, it is also the possessions that have been damaged by the smoke. While the fire may have been contained to a single room, the smoke is likely to have spread into the surrounding areas. Smoke can quickly damage a variety of materials like wood, cloth, and even silver, which means many high-end items are subject to smoke damage.

With the Premium Replacement Coverage from the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency, residents can rest assured that no matter what caused the damage or loss of property, they will be reimbursed on every possession, no matter its value. To learn more about the coverage plan and the types of insurances offered, visit their website.

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