inSRT Treatment Provides Fast Effective Back and Neck Pain Relief

Treatment provides effective back and neck relief


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- Chronic back and neck pain sufferers have a lot to deal with. Lack of mobility and energy, pain and discomfort in even immobile positions others would find comfortable are commonplace. Until recently addictive and expensive painkillers and risky surgical operations have been the only sensible answers to these difficult and stressful medical issues. All of that has changed with the newest development of the Brain and Spine Institute of California (BASIC), the inSRT stem cell spinal rejuvenation therapy. The inSRT injection is a state-of-the art minimally invasive epidural comprised of embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells taken from the amniotic fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord directly after the birthing process. It is a fast acting, safe and effective alternative for back and neck pain relief.

With a focus on returning patents back to their regular lives with a minimally invasive procedure. Freeing them of back and neck pain and the associated stress and difficult associated with chronic pain. Patients undergo the minimal injection procedure, where stem cells target the affected area for regeneration and are typically free of any symptoms from the injection within 48 hours. Effects are variable but most patients see an immediate decrease in pain that lasts until his injection diffuses naturally into their body. This, coupled with regular checkups with the inSRT pain management team has led to a dramatic reduction in pain for an average length of sixteen weeks to a maximum of almost two years. Compared to invasive surgery or health affecting pain killers this safe, effective and modern solution is the best answer for back and neck pain.

“The inSRT treatment is changing lives for the better. Spinal rejuvenation is returning mobility and quality of life to patients every single day.“ –Steve Anderson

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