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Back Pal Announces New Holiday Offer on Back Pal Lower Back Support


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- In a recent announcement from Back Pal, the company will be offering the Back Pal lower back support at a discounted rate of just $99. Terming the offer as a 'great holiday gift', the spokesperson of the company maintained that interested buyers can head over to Amazon shopping site and avail the product at the discounted rate.

According to him, "Over the few years since the launch of Back Pal we have seen a lot of interest in the product and we are happy to reward our honest buyers for their support."

Giving an introduction about Back Pal back support, the spokesperson commented, "Back Pal is a patent elastic support system for the back. It features advanced ergonomic design with two elastic leaves built to dynamically and accurately support the lower back. Moreover, the flexible elastic system helps in correcting the sitting posture without being uncomfortable when leaning on the chair."

He added, "Back Pal also features adjustable height which can fit precisely to the back curve. The lumbar support is made of composite PP materials thus offering great durability."

Reports suggest that such kinds of products can be most useful and beneficial for people who suffer from varied kinds of back pain issues including spine problems, back tissue damage, ligament injuries, back muscle sprains, and so on. Studies have revealed that office workers, regular motorists, pregnant women, old folks, and patients diagnosed with chronic pain can find this lumbar support very useful in their lives.

Later, the spokesperson also revealed that interested Back Pal buyers can also be able to avail the free shipping offer, but only for a limited time. He also mentioned that discounts are still available on their other products such as the inflatable neck pillow, adjustable knee brace and the natural silk sleep mask.

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About Back Pal
It is a company that specializes in offering products like back support system for office chair and car seats. Almost all of their products are designed with the intention to make lives cozier and healthier by reducing the discomfort, pain and the usual aches. Their most popular products include a lower back support system, neck pillow, knee brace, and sleep mask.

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