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Back Up Important Files with Cloud for Me in Time for the Holiday Season


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Cloud For Me, a cloud computing company based in the U.K., is urging its customers to back up their important files before the busy Christmas season. Many people take the week of Christmas, and often the week of New Year’s as well, as vacation time. Enjoying that vacation is easier to do if people know their files are being kept safe over the long break by uploading those files to Cloud For Me.

About Backup
The company offers a remote backup plan that allows them to upload all of their most important files, which they can then access from any computer with an Internet connection. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be backed up using the plan offered by Cloud For Me.

About Convenience
The convenience that this company provides to those who need to back up important files include the ability to restore files anytime and view them from virtually anywhere in the world. The program is easy to install on a desktop or laptop computer and saves customers the hassle of using other, less reliable methods of backing up files.

About Security
All files are stored on U.K. based servers, making them easy to retrieve quickly. This service offers a level of protection that similar services don’t even come close to. Those looking for support for their Cloud For Me account will be able to easily access that support online or via telephone.

With the private cloud solutions offered by the company, files could not be safer being stored anywhere else. For more information on the file backup services offered by Cloud For Me, U.K. residents can contact the company directly.

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