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Backgrounds Screening Company Trasorras Intelligence Group Is Now Offering No Cost Assessments


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Trasorras Intelligence Group (TIG), a company that provides a host of services including business consulting, pre-employment backgrounds screenings for human resource departments and much more, has just announced that it is “offering free assessments of background searches” for potential clients. As Dr. R.J. Trasorras, M.B.A., CPP, BAI, and founder of the company noted, it is crucial that companies confirm and understand what they are actually purchasing in terms of background searches.

This new service recently came into play when TIG acquired a new pre-employment background screening client from the hospitality and leisure industry. As Dr. Trasorras explained, he was able to match the fee that the client was previously paying, but his company was “able to improve both the turnaround time as well as the quality of the searches.” By offering the new client a complimentary assessment of the background searches, he realized that although they were called the same thing and described the same way, the service provided by TIG was far superior.

TIG’s consulting practice also recently completed a long-term “Competitive Intelligence” assignment for a Fortune 500 Company. As Dr. Trasorras noted, TIG identified that a multinational customer was considering moving their business over to the client’s main competitor. Had this happened, he said, it would have cost the client a revenue loss in excess of $180 million a year.

“The information gathered over the course of the assignment was passed on to our clients and they were able to retain this multinational customer, whose lifetime value to the company is priceless,” he said.

Dr. Trasorras fully understands how important it is for his clients to have an in-depth knowledge of what services they are purchasing. In a published article that he wrote, Dr. Trasorras found that clients who feel that they are getting a good value from a company will be more loyal, satisfied and long-term clients. Since opening TIG in 1993, Dr. Trasorras said he has strived to “offer top-quality services,” including private investigations for corporations, law firms and private parties; business consulting services, and a state-of-the art, fully credentialed employment background screenings department that works with some of the largest companies in the world.

“We also routinely provide business consults to clients regarding their marketing, strategy, management and security,” Dr. Trasorras said.

Anybody who would like to learn more about Trasorras Intelligence Group is welcome to visit the company’s website; there, they can read about the wide variety of services that they provide; people may also contact the company via email or phone with any questions.

About Trasorras Intelligence Group
Trasorras Intelligence Group (TIG) provides “pre-employment background screening” to Human Resource Professionals and businesses of all sizes, as well as “Business Consulting” in Marketing Management and Strategy to all types of businesses. The company also specializes in providing “private investigative services” to Corporations, Law Firms and private individuals. TIG was founded in 1993 by Dr. R.J. Trasorras, M.B.A, CPP, BAI, a Master NLP Practitioner, former United States Secret Service Agent, Internationally Recognized Board Certified Security Manager. Dr. Trasorras and has earned an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration and Marketing. For more information, please visit http://www.tiginfo.com/