BackLinks Link Building Software Makes Businesses Immune to Search Engine Updates


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- announces the release of their new Auto Link Replacement feature. A leading link building software provider, offers SEO professionals and website owners the opportunity to build links in a manner that is both easy and affordable. Google and other major search engines are continuously revising their search engine algorithms, and high-quality backlinks play a major role in the ranking of a site.

Companies often find it difficult and time-consuming to acquire quality back links on relevant pages, which is why many are opting to buy text links. assists in this area by offering web pages with a PageRank of 1 or higher. has thousands of web pages in inventory, and users can search for relevant pages using criteria such as page type, category, Google PageRank, and country. Standard text and content links are available, depending on the particular needs of the business. A standard text links allows for 30 characters while a content link offers not only a text link, but additional surrounding text with a maximum of 120 characters.

A standard, stand-alone text link is a backlink that is placed outside of normal page content as this increases their importance in the eyes of the search engines. The client specifies the anchor text and target URL before selecting high PageRank web pages on which to display the link. With thousands of pages to select from, a client will easily find pages with content relevant to the link being displayed, increasing the importance of the link in the eyes of the search engines.

Relevancy further increases with the use of content links by offering a client the opportunity to surround the link with keyword-rich text. Combine the content links with related web pages, and the search engines look more favorably on the backlinks. Five variants may be specified for each content link ad and, when the content link is placed, the system randomly selects a variant to use, allowing the client to create a zero-footprint link portfolio with anchor text that is highly diversified.

By offering a number of criteria to select from, ensures the links used for a client are diverse and this diversity gives the client an edge over his or her competitors. Companies struggling to stay on top of these updates have a partner in One added benefit of choosing this company is the upcoming Auto Link Feature.

Occasionally, a link will disappear for whatever reason, possibly due to an inability to verify the link or the link being listed on a page that isn't indexed. When a link is removed, the link portfolio suffers.

At the request of their Advertisers, has introduced Auto Link Replacement. When this feature is enabled, any links which are removed by a publisher or the BackLinks Link Monitor will be automatically replaced by a link in the same category and with the same PageRank as the link that was removed. Auto Link Replacement is automatically enabled for all new accounts, and existing users can enable this functionality through their Control Panel.

About provides easy and affordable link building software to SEO professionals and website owners, allowing them to buy quality backlinks on high PageRank websites. In addition to do-it-yourself, link building software, also provides Managed SEO services including: SEO strategy consultation, keyword ranking analysis and selection, analysis of targeted keywords for search performance, on-page analysis and recommendations, and SEO competitor analysis.