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Backyard Putting Greens & Outdoor Putting Green Turf Are Low-Maintenance and Always Pristine, Integrating Home Putting Greens Into a Unique Golf-Inspired Space

Back Nine Greens backyard putting greens, commercial synthetic turf, artificial grass for landscaping, and artificial grass for dogs can be designed to fit almost any unique space.


Palm Desert, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2023 -- Back Nine Greens, premier designers and installers of backyard putting greens with outdoor putting green turf, have been transforming unique spaces across the US with their dedicated approach to interpreting each unique space, no matter how big or how small, and making the most of its form and features. Fully optimized artificial golf grass design and installation is tailored for each client, so although there are many images for inspiration from prior projects, each new design can embrace the blend of features that the area presents along with the vision of the homeowner. Any skill level can be accommodated, from beginners looking for a space to wind down after a tiring day, to parents with young children looking to create an outdoor playing area that can carry them through their early years as they improve and get better at the game, to more competitive golfers looking to hone their skills and put in some hours before their next foray into the competitive circuit. The green speed, the fringe, and the rough cuts will all be a part of the discussion, with backyard putting green design taking on more than a two-dimensional blueprint. The elevation and slope of the green not only add to the complexity and difficulty of the course but aid in drainage as it is important that the artificial turf putting greens drain efficiently and effectively following any showers. This is an integral part of the design process and also maximizes the time that can be spent on the golf green or putting green, even when the weather has been inclement and traditional golf courses and putting greens may be soggy and waterlogged.

Artificial turf can be a part of a larger backyard space, and some choose to install artificial turf across the entire space but for differing purposes. Artificial turf for dog run spaces eliminates the worry of a dog ruining the look of the yard, either by destroying the grass by digging it up or by killing it. Popular in residential backyards, side areas of the home, apartment building dog parks which serve as a communal exercise space, as well as commercial businesses such as doggy daycare and boarding facilities, a representative from Back Nine Green states "When our master craftsmen install your new synthetic green for dog runs and play areas, cleaning up after your pet becomes a breeze. Simply pick up and remove any solid waste from your lawn — that's it. You won't need to rinse your lawn because the composition of our turf in our pet installations eliminates the need to clean your lawn. The turf composition is a safe and effective way to detoxify pet environments, and since you won't have to hose down your lawn, you'll be conserving even more water! Furthermore, pet urine will simply absorb into the sand beneath your turf and evaporate. We utilize the industry's leading artificial grass infill for pet odor control. In fact, it is guaranteed to stamp out pet odor and help control any type of unpleasant scent. If you have a pet, you know how easy it is for them to destroy a traditional sod lawn. However, with Back Nine Greens, you eliminate the possibility that Fido might destroy your yard with our durable pet turf."

Whilst it is common to first visualize artificial turf in a traditional backyard setting, there are other places where artificial grass can make a big aesthetic impression such as a rooftop terrace, a pool deck, a pathway, a central courtyard in a business space, or a decorative approach to a business property. The grass can be solid areas of turf, or it can be designed in strips and patterns to intersect paving and decorative stones.

About Back Nine Greens
With over 20 years of industry experience and over 10,000 completed projects, Back Nine Greens have been designing and installing tailor-made greens and artificial turf since 1997. Maximizing the function and beauty of a unique space begins with a client's vision and evolves through the design and installation into a unique backyard, patio, rooftop, sports field, bocce court, or playground. Commercial artificial grass can be installed to transform drought-damaged lawns into low-maintenance landscaping, with the reassurance that the color will not fade as the commercial turf is UV-resistant. Back Nine Greens designs and installs backyard putting greens and artificial grass nationwide, with headquarters in California. From a small project installing artificial grass for dogs to a larger-scale sport field turf installation, the team at Back Nine Greens is passionate about their craftsmanship and delighting clients with spectacular green spaces and landscaping. For avid golfers, no matter their experience, artificial golf greens with synthetic putting green turf can become an integral part of a sports-themed recreational backyard retreat, a place to unwind and relax for a few hours, sharpen up skills prior to the next tournament, or savor some quality time with family and friends on your unique backyard golf green.

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