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Bad Credit Payday Loans USA Launches Quick Loan Locator for Those With Poor Credit History


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Having a poor credit history is a situation a growing number of Americans are facing. Credit histories do take into account the good behaviour exhibited by individuals in their financial dealings, but the black marks set against them for even the smallest slip up can seem punitive and disproportionate. As a result of these black marks, more and more people are finding themselves ineligible for traditional loans and credit cards. In situations like these, payday loans can be the only option, especially in emergencies. Bad Credit Payday Loans USA aims to open the doors on accessible lines of credit for those with poor credit histories.

Bad Credit Payday Loans USA is a new website developed to collate information on payday loan companies across the US who will accept bad credit reports or even forego a credit check in their approval process. This information is then entered into a searchable database that allows users to find the right lender for them based on the amount they wish to borrow, their location and personal details.

All the sites suggested by Bad Credit Payday Loans USA are suggested on an impartial basis on the criteria specified by the borrower, ensuring they have the best information available upon which to base their decision. Bad Credit Payday Loans USA is an impartial service that is easy to use, safe and secure, and crucially much faster than trawling the web unaided.

A spokesperson for explained, “Payday loans online are pretty close to how older loans were conducted with one big exception. You don’t need to have a physical check to post-date and hand over to someone. Instead, this is all done online via a borrowers’ bank account. Most people are guaranteed to be approved for a payday loan as long as their bank account has been in good standings for a few months and can provide proof of citizenship and employment. The amount an individual makes per month will play a large role in how much they will qualify for.”

About Bad Credit Payday Loans USA
Bad Credit Payday Loans USA is a website that collates information on reputable payday loan companies in every state who do not require a credit check to approve a cash advance. Their system matches borrowers to lenders on an impartial basis, using information supplied by the borrower. For more information, please visit: