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Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada Launches Category System to Make Database Even Faster

Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada can now be searched not only be location but by the kind of finance offered simultaneously to make finding providers faster than ever.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Since the economic meltdown of 2007, more people than ever have been facing a bad credit score. Bad credit is now so commonplace that there are a huge number of companies set up to offer loans to those with poor scores, to help them improve their financial situation and gradually improve their credit rating. Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada is a website aiming to help Canadian citizens find information on reliable bad credit providers. They have just introduced a new category system that allows people to search for specialists in specific kinds of finance.

The new categories include car loans (, mortgages (, personal loans, business loans and more. The new categories can be selected before or after selecting a region to allow users to narrow down choices by both type and location, making it quicker than ever to find a shortlist of potential providers.

All listings are found in all supported categories and regions, allowing people the most comprehensive but accurate overview possible, complete with company summaries, logos, contact details and information on the smallest and largest loans they make available. The database is constantly being updated as new providers are identified and authenticated by their team.

A spokesperson for Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada explained, "We take pains to ensure that none of the providers on our website qualify as predatory lenders in their practices. We want to give people with bad credit a real shot at getting out debt and giving them the finances they need to make a new start. The new category system makes things as easy as possible for our users, and makes the database more accurate than ever. We look forward to seeing how people interact with the new structure, and hope it helps more people find better loans than ever before."

About Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada
Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada is an online resource center offering a comprehensive database of finance companies in Canada who specialize in providing loans to people with bad credit. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of researchers, and is regularly expanded to include new territories and providers.

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