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Bluemooner Studios to Produce Bad Movies as Fast Movies


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2015 -- Bluemooner Studios will be producing RadioDiva's Fast Movies. Bad movies will be distilled down to their best (worst) parts, and then those parts will be traipsed over with zeal in about 15 minutes. That means bad movie lovers (those who love cheesy sci-fi cinema, colorful exploitation films and vividly moronic horror movies) will be able to fit roughly six bad movies into the time it takes to watch a single bad movie.

The show will be hosted by lover of bad movies RadioDiva. RadioDiva is voice artist Jane Knight, who is a member of the cast of another Bluemooner Studios project, the stop motion animated series titled "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo". Jane voices the series' villain, Martha, who owns the evil amusement park across the old desert highway from Zacki's Zoo.

RadioDiva's Fast Movies will be available across several YouTube channels, including through RadioDiva's Fast Movies channel

Associate Producer at Bluemooner Studios, Brian Geddes says of the inspiration for RadioDiva's Fast Movies, "These bad movies are part of a history of long forgotten films, and most the people who made them or worked on them either died of a cocaine overdose or found Jesus sometime around 1989. We are among the few people left who care about them. By few I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 because that's about how many subscribers we have so far accumulated in the run-up period. I love how the Internet scoops out the dreggy people associated with any interest and piles all of us neerdowells together. What has amazed me about building a subscriber base thus far is that when you put Exploitation Films out there, you get a lot of interest from people in the Middle East. That gives me a certain patriotic pride in American trash cinema. When it comes down to it, everybody loves our trash."

About Bluemooner Studios
Located in Orange CA, Bluemooner Studios is a start-up stop-motion animation studio. They are currently in pre-production for the stop-motion animation series, "Zacki Almost Saves The Zoo". Many of the character figures of "Zacki Almsot Saves The Zoo", which are being used for pre-production, can be seen at their website.

Brian Geddes
Orange, CA