BADBOY Blasters, Inc.

Badboy Blasters Posts Customer Testimonials on Its Website

Potential Customers Can Now Read Prior Customer Experiences on Testimonial Webpage


Canton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2013 -- Badboy Blasters, a family-owned sand blasting company, now allows potential customers to read reviews of prior customers through the use of their new testimonial page. They want interested visitors to find out just how hard they work to meet, if not exceed, customer expectations.

Badboy Blasters strives to offer only the best products and customer service to customers, including complete transparency when it comes to testimonials by allowing all customers to read comments and write their own comment about the company and its products. Whether the comment is about a sandblasters or their customer service, Badboy Blasters has a reputation for excellence. Customers’ comments thus far range from the durability of a bead blaster to the excellent setup and installation process of the machines. One commenter notes, "You will not find better people to work with. There is no gap from when you purchase a unit to their customer service. The hands-on philosophy Mark teaches and follows himself is genuine."

In addition to sand blasters, Badboy Blasters offers a variety of other equipment, including portable cement mixers, parts washers, pallet truck lifts, portable fuel storage tanks, and retractable water hose reels. They also offer a variety of sandblaster accessories and kits based on customer needs, such as cloth lined gloves and a sandblaster hood. Customers can also purchase replacement parts for their sandblaster if they have passed the product inspection period of five days. No matter what they need, there is likely to be a sand blaster product to help them get the job done, and then, Badboy Blasters hopes they’ll let everyone else know through a testimonial.

About Badboy Blasters
Badboy Blasters is a family owned and operated company, led by husband and wife team Andrea and Mark Cain. Located in Canton, Ohio since 2006, they sell high quality sandblasters, including 15 different types. They also have a strong commitment to customer service and providing each and every customer with the best possible product to meet their needs. For additional detail please visit,