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BadCreditResources.Com Launches Website to Assist Those with Credit Issues

Consumers Will Now Have Access to Poor Credit Loans and More with This Site


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Obtaining credit continues to be difficult for many, especially for those with bad credit or no credit. According to Robert Hammer, president of R.K. Hammer and Associates, credit card approvals typically run between 25% and 35% with some issuers only approving 10% of applications. For those with bad credit, this makes rebuilding the credit score more difficult if one doesn't know where to turn, Shelly Evans of explains.

Consumers with a low credit score find they have few options when it comes to poor credit loans. Lending companies, such as banks, require an average credit score to be approved for a loan and those with a below average rating are left out in the cold, Ms. Evans states. "Knowing which lending companies are willing to work with these creditors enables to turn a no into a yes. From car loans to home loans, BadCreditResources works to help consumers find the funds they need to reach their dreams."

When a consumer finds a company willing to loan them the funds they need, they often jump on the offer, thinking this is their only option. Borrowers shouldn't take the first loan offered though as a number of providers now offer secured loans to those with bad credit. Consumers need to take the time to compare bad credit personal loans to find the one that best meets their needs without making their overall financial situation worse.

Often, consumers want to know how build credit when you have no credit," Ms. Evans goes on to say. "When a consumer's credit has been destroyed for any reason, he or she first needs to obtain a copy of their credit report. Once errors and unauthorized charges have been corrected, which may take up to 30 days, the consumer's credit score immediately goes up. The next step is to enroll in a free credit repair program, one which works with the individual to determine which methods are best for his or her financial situation. The final step is to open a new credit account. This lets the consumer begin the rebuilding process by showing he or she understands how to manage debt and repayment. Personal, car and home loans are three options a consumer has at this stage."

"Companies are willing to compete for business and this is true of loans for those with bad credit. helps consumers learn the various options available so each individual gets a loan that meets their needs. Debtors do have options. Many just aren't aware that they do which is where is of great help," Ms. Evans declares.

About dedicates itself to helping those with a poor credit history, past credit problems or those who repeatedly have lenders refuse their loan requests. finds lenders specializing in the approval of bad credit loans and the approval of credit card requests for those with bad credit. With the help of this site, there is no need to hire a lawyer or credit repair company.