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Badger Associates Provides a Comprehensive and Resourceful Recruitment Website


Norwich, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Badger Associates is announcing publicly today of its comprehensive recruitment website that also offers resources and training for job seekers in Norfolk, Norwich, and Cambridge. The website includes extensive information on the services offered to employers in terms of recruitment and retention of employees.

Jim Thomson, media contact, was asked recently about why the website came about. "We wanted to build a website that was user-friendly and would allow job seekers the latest job postings to make seeking employments easier. We also have several resources on the website that give those seeking employment tools to better their chances. So often people rush out to send their CVs they fail to do any kind of research on the company. In addition, we wanted to offer employers services that are specific to recruiting the very best employees."

Asked about the resources the Badger Associates Recruitment site has, Mr. Thomson said, "Many people switch careers at some point in their lives and they need to know how to use the skills they have to transfer to a new career. So often people do not realize that they have transferable skills."

Mr. Thomson added, "An example of transferable skills could be someone that is skilled as an automobile mechanic that now wishes to transfer to a career in appliance repair, their emphasis on the CV should not be specific to the automotive industry as much as a good generalized overview of his or her mechanical skills. Obviously, there are similarities between the two types of repairs even though the skill set is different, so the resume needs to reflect the desire to transfer to the new field. These are the types of tools we wish to offer job seekers on our website."

Any additional services or resources that can find on the site, Mr. Thomson was asked. "Yes! We now are offering training services since it was a frequent request. We have an excellent trainer that we are thrilled to have join our team. We are offering training in the areas of coaching, management development, executive team facilitation, team development, interpersonal training skills, leadership and development, and change resistance, to name a few of the concentrations we have at this time."

"Our complete HR consultancy service offers employers advice and solutions in areas such as employee issues, HR strategies, HR planning, training and development, management practices, employee retention and much more. We are a complete recruitment service working with both employers seeking to retain the best employers and job seekers looking for the best companies in which to find their next job or career", Mr. Thomson concluded.

About Badger Associates
Badger Associates Recruitment Consultants offer resources and recruitment services for job seekers in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge. The company offers a complete HR consultancy service for companies in areas such as employment law, employee issues, health and safety management, training and development, HR planning and strategy, and recruitment, to name a few. The company is equipped to deal with areas of employment law that involves complicated legislation. The website is for both employment seeking individuals and employers.