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Bahamas Airline Junkanoo Air Takes Part in Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

As part of hurricane Matthew relief efforts, Bahamian airline Junkanoo Air is now bringing in much-required supplies for the locals and offering discounted flights.


Nassau, Bahamas -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- Based out of Nassau, New Providence in Bahamas, Junkanoo Air is a Bahamian cargo airline that is now taking active part in hurricane Matthew relief efforts. Reportedly, the company saw it fit to take part in the hurricane relief efforts because the company president is a native of Mangrove Cay in Andros.

"I am a son of the soil so it was a natural response that Junkanoo Air helped my brothers and sisters," stated Captain Christopher King in an official press statement regarding Junkanoo Air's hurricane relief efforts.

He further added to his statement and discussed about what impacts him and his company to carry out this effort "It was really heartbreaking to see the devastation but also heartwarming to see Bahamians from near and far chip in and lend their support and assistance in any way necessary to bring the most hard hit areas back to some degree of normalcy."

With flights every weekday into Fort Lauderdale, King decided the company should purchase much needed supplies on every flight back into town. These supplies include canned goods, cases of water, baby diapers, feminine products and cereal, just to name a few.

After internal company discussions, Junkanoo Air has now also made a decision to offer discounted relief flights into the islands until 2017. According to a company spokesperson, all charters for relief till the end of the year will be discounted by 15%.

Furthermore, Junkanoo Air is currently planning another company sponsored relief in the coming weeks and urges people in the Florida area to come forward and make a donation. The airline can be contacted at for details.

"Every little helps. No matter how small the donation; a pray even our people need the help. One thing I am certain about is; our indomitable spirit as the God favored people of The Bahamas will not be broken. Not yesterday, not today, not ever," stated Chris when asked about his thoughts on recovery and how others can help.


Contact Name: Christopher King, President of Junkanoo Air
Phone Contact: +1242.557.5568