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Sioux City, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Baiden mitten is an ancient exfoliation product that states that it can provide youthful skin with very little work and a small price in comparison to many skincare products. Reverse unsightly stretch marks, enlarged pores, and much more. Known as the magical mitten by many people, Baiden mitten for skin is quite different in comparison to other exfoliation techniques. Its fibers are woven to resemble skin and are made with tree fibers. It is also tougher than other mitts, having the texture of light sandpaper, and there is nothing quite like it out there. The reason why? It activates the development of better skin by forcing the skin to rejuvenate. It can get rid of dry, dead, unsightly skin but doing what the body does, forcing the skin to heal, for many after first use! Does Baiden mitten work?

Baiden mitten is unlike other skin care products because it does something that none of the other does. It helps the skin do what it needs to do which is healing. The body itself does not care about if one is beautiful or if skin looks good. The body’s job is to keep itself alive, and that is how the Baiden mitten works. This technique is centuries old now sped up by modern technology. It is kept as natural as possible with no bleaches or artificials, and as mentioned made with tree fibers.

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The Baiden mitten company has directions for proper use. All one needs to do is soak in water without soaps or cleansers, get mitten wet, and while body is still damp rub mitten side to side, not in circles like other products. The company states to only use once a week and using as much pressure that is comfortable. After exfoliation starts do not clean off dead skin right away, instead when done with the exfoliation massage, take a shower to rinse off the remaining dead skin.

How does Baiden mitten help increase better skin? After using it skin instantly does the job of healing and also fixing the body which is what is knows to do. Additionally, it offers skin a detox, by keeping the pores open to sweat and by increasing blood flow.

Its well-known that skin is ruined constantly not only by weather, pollution and so much more. Being submitted to other skin care products that claim to be gentle the skin suffers even more. By encouraging the rejuvenation process and not putting more chemicals on the skin is why men and women usually buy Baiden mitten. And apparently, most of the customers are pleased with the outcomes.

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