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Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL Publishes New Information Concerning Bail Bonds predicts a rise in the need for bail bondsmen, thanks to a changing world economy


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- According to IbisWorld, the bail bond industry rakes in an average of $698 million per year, although the industry witnessed a decline over the past five years. Experts expect this trend to reverse in the coming five years, with people turning to Bail Bonds Birmingham AL as they save less and spend more on credit card interest. When one finds they are in need of assistance with a bail bond in Jefferson County, countless turn to Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL ( for this help.

"Times remain tough for many, yet others find they now make and save more than they have been able to during the recession. No matter why one needs assistance with bail money, Bail Bonds of Birmingham Al remains ready and willing to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No one plans on being arrested at any time, which is why someone is always ready to help," David Hansen, spokesperson for Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL, explains.

Bail bonds help the accused in a variety of ways. Not only does this bail bond secure the release of the accused, the defendant finds he or she can play a large role in the mounting of a defense, something not always possible when one is behind bars. The money saved by using a bail bondsman may be used for the hiring of a lawyer or experts needed to prove one's case and the defendant won't remain incarcerated with other, possibly violent, offenders while waiting for his or her day in court.

Hansen goes on to say no one wants to spend time in jail. Sadly, many remain behind bars because they don't have the funds needed to secure their release. A bail bondsman helps in this situation, fronting the money need to obtain one's freedom, yet care must be taken to ensure one gets an honest, reputable bondsman.

A locally owned and operated company, Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL offers a rush service with integrity and one can speak to a company representative with no cost and no obligation. Payment options remain flexible and client confidentiality continues to be the top priority. The company maintains an excellent reputation in the community and is known for employing experienced, knowledgeable agents.

"Contact Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL at any time when a bail bond is needed. Humans make mistakes and one may find they end up in jail as they messed up. Others find they are behind bars when they have done nothing wrong, based on the actions of another. No matter what the situation is, when a bail bond is needed, help is available through Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL," Hansen proclaims.

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Bail Bonds of Birmingham AL brings 15 years of experience to each transaction and assists those in need of a bail bond for their personal use or for a loved one. One doesn't need to spend a moment more than absolutely necessary in jail and, with the assistance of a compassionate and knowledgeable bondsman, one's release can be secured in a short period of time.